March 21, 2023


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Listkiewicz flew away.  "He didn't have much success."  Yes, it is about football Lewandowski

Listkiewicz flew away. “He didn’t have much success.” Yes, it is about football Lewandowski

“Do coaches eat Polish football?” – Michal Listkiewicz, former president of the Polish Football Association, wonders on Twitter. He commented on the recent statements of Peter Stokwick and Marek Babszon with these words.

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Let us remind you. After another defeat for Zagopi Lubin, Stokowiec stood before the fans and stated that if it were not for him and his players, the fans would “go to Niepołomice” for the matches. Many observers saw this as a disrespect for Forest, who dramatically leads the Fortuna table in League One. In the end, it got to the point that Stokowiec apologized for his words.

In turn, Marek Babszon answered Zbigniew Bońek on Channel + Sport. He mentioned, among other things, a failed training adventure with the Polish national team. It was a response to the statement PunicaThat “I am not surprised why no one wants Polish coaches” after the Pope said he was not jealous why He plays every three days. More about this here >>

Listkiewicz: “Lewandowski hasn’t had much success”

“Piotr Stokowiec insults Niepołomice Forest, 1st . leader Leagues in spite of him consequences When compared to Tomasz Tułacz’s stats, she looks pale. Marek Babszon attacks Zbigniew Bonek, perhaps the most famous Polish footballer in Europe” – this is how Listkiewicz commented on these two issues later in the tweet.

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In response, some fans have begun to point out that calling Punic the most famous tycoon in world football is an insult at a time when Robert Lewandowski remains one of the best players in the world. Listkiewicz wrote again: “I appreciate and love Robert very much, but he has not achieved great success, and not because of his fault. He plays in the middle of the team, his clubs in the European Cups without any frenzy (present even tragically). If he had Summer, Bonka and Kasperczak And Deyna, Żmuda, and Gorgonia – world champions. ”

These words have already caused a lot of opposition from commentators. In response, Listkiewicz stated that they achieved more than Lewandowski Grzegorz Lato As the top scorer in the World Cup and Władysław Żmuda, a four-time World Cup participant and two-time bronze medalist.