Lili-Ann De Francesco of La Voix has been hospitalized for several days

Singer Lily-Ann Di Francesco thanked him for his participation the voice In 2015, she shared disturbing news through her Instagram account.

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In fact, the young lady, who celebrates her 24th birthday this coming November, has caused concern among her fans by posting a little carousel explaining that she has been hospitalized for several days. In his title in this publication, he evokes his current position.

The actress and singer, who has been growing in popularity over the years, shares her experience admitting that she took her health for granted in the past and she is paying the price now.

The standout in last year’s first season of Indefensible has been hospitalized since last Wednesday due to stomach pains.

In his message on Instagram, he wants to reassure by announcing a gradual improvement in his condition. Nevertheless, Lily-Ann had to remain within the walls of the CHUM for a few extra days before she had to submit to an operation.

In fact, through two briefs published on her Instagram account, the singer, who had already mentioned her anxiety attacks and her eating disorder a few years ago, reveals that she underwent stomach surgery. Although the surgery was successful, he admitted to feeling severe pain.

Lili-Ann Di Francesco / Instagram

However, medical experts have said that he may be discharged from the hospital from Monday.

His family is standing by his side to give him the support he needs during this difficult time.

Lili-Ann Di Francesco / Instagram

Read his post below:

“I am currently in a hospital bed with stomach problems because I waited so long for help.

I’m fine but I’ve been here since Wednesday night and unfortunately I had to stay a few more days! All that to say you shouldn’t take your health for granted! That’s what I did and I’m paying the price.

Take care of yourselves my dears ❤️ whatever comes your priority ❤️»

We send him much love and sweetness in his recovery.

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