Life around a red dwarf?  Scientists do not have good news ...

Yellow dwarfs are like the sun They are not at all representative of most of the objects in the Milky Way. it is expected that They make up about 10% of the content of our entire galaxy. sure Often in its spiral arms you can meet a red dwarfwhich makes up about 75% of all stars in the Milky Way.

So it exists mathematically Life Likely to Originate Near a Red Dwarf. in spite of that We live in the residence area of ​​the yellow dwarf (the Sun), which is referred to as the Red Sky Paradox. New article in Astrophysical Journal Letters He seems to explain what’s behind it.

There are many reasons why life is associated with red dwarfs. First of all, hmm are the stars that are less dynamic than the sun. The nuclear fusion inside them is much slower, which makes These stars can live for billions of years. theoretically This gives more time for life to unfold From the yellow dwarf.

Furthermore it Detecting exoplanets in the red dwarf’s habitable zone is much easier. This is because the host star is colder than the yellow dwarf, and this causes it Residence area is much closer. This makes Habitable exoplanets frequently travel against red dwarfs and more discoverable.

Astronomy scientists Anna Childs, Rebecca Martin and Mario Livio from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas I decided to check if red dwarf systems contain enough elements to start life on Earth.

knowing that Maybe it started with comets and asteroidsWhich provided organic matter, they began to analyze the possibilities of existence Asteroid belts around red dwarfs. they found it Their absence means great difficulty in the development of life on rocky planets.

The asteroid belt usually forms in systems with gas giants Located outside the snow line. This is the place to be The water in the protoplanetary disk turns into ice. A gas giant near this region could change the orbits of asteroids or comets, guiding them within the habitable zone..

Scientists have studied known planetary systems around red dwarfs, looking for the only planet with a gas giant and rocky planets. Until now Rocky planets have been confirmed near 48 red dwarfs27 of them have more than one planet. For 16 red dwarfs, the mass of the exoplanets that make up the planetary system is known.

The search is based on the definition A gas giant containing planets 0.3 to 60 times heavier than JupiterAs well as calculating the distance at the beginning of the snow line for distinct systems.

It turns out that It is impossible for gas giants and rocky planets to exist in the area of ​​residence of the same red dwarf. None of the analyzed systems, which contain a rocky planet in the region of residence, had a gas giant. In the systems in which gaseous planets were discovered, there were no rocky planets. This indicates that The characteristics of red dwarf planetary systems can be very different from those of the solar system.

This causes our present Understanding life bodes well for the color red dwarves. if The existence of asteroid belts is essential to the existence of lifeis unlikely to be expected around stars of this type.

This also raises many questions that need to be answered. Perhaps asteroid impacts are not important in the evolution of life? Perhaps life near red dwarfs is very different from life on Earth? Perhaps we overestimate the importance of the habitable zone and life can also exist outside of it?

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