Lidl went crazy with promotions on Monday.  Customers love it.  A limit has been provided for the following article

Starting Monday, November 6, 2023, customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of the attractive yoghurt bread promotion at their favorite store. The 40% discount on the second product is an opportunity that cannot be missed, especially when it comes to a daily menu staple like bread.


40% cheaper on the second loaf – how do we benefit?

The stores have prepared an offer for their customers, under which they will pay a 40% discount for the second loaf of buttermilk bread. This means that when you buy two loaves, you will pay only PLN 3.59 for the second two loaves. The price of the first loaf of bread is PLN 4.49. The promotion only applies when you buy two loaves in one purchase and scan the Lidl Plus app.

Shopping Limits – Let’s plan wisely

However, the promotion is limited. Each customer can purchase a maximum of 10 pieces of buttermilk bread at a promotional price, which is five pairs at a discounted price for the second loaf. It is worth noting that each subsequent piece of bread, after exceeding the maximum, will be sold at the price before the discount.

Promotion cannot be combined with other offers

Please note that the promotion offered is a special offer and cannot be combined with other promotions. This is important information for anyone who relies on additional savings and may be accustomed to combining different promotions.

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