June 8, 2023


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LG Broker success with Android 13 update in Poland

LG Velvet 5G has received an update to Android 13. You can download and install it on your phone. LG Mobile did not disappoint customers. If your phone does not yet have the latest version of Android, then the manufacturer has reason to be ashamed, because the “dead man” has outgrown it.

At one time I was a satisfied LG Velvet 5G user. Many things have happened since then, including the demise of LG Mobile.

This was sad news for me, because I respect LG for the many interesting ideas and solutions that it brought to the world of smartphones.

So I was glad that, despite this difficult decision, LG decided not to leave users of their phones out in the cold, and promised a few more updates. Up to Android 13.

Some people may have thought it was an empty promise. Nothing more wrong! Recently, one of the craziest LG phones received Android 13 update.

Now it goes to one of the best regular players of this brand in history, who had a chance to save his product.

LG Velvet 5G with Android 13 update in Poland

LG Velvet 5G / photo gsmManiaK

how Artur told us on TwitterAnd LG Velvet 5G has received an update to Android 13. Thanks to this, LG improves the statistics of the availability of this version of the system.

Most importantly, the case Applies to the POC region, i.e. Poland. You can by the manufacturer download file with the software for the specific model LMG900EM.

The package size is 5.77 GB. LG Flash Tool is recommended. However, remember that All installations are made at your own risk.

Soon, Android 13 for the LG Velvet should arrive on this phone in the form of an OTA update. If you don’t want to risk it, you can wait. Sooner or later, the new version of the system will appear on your smartphone.

Either way, I’m glad I did LG has kept its word. Who knows, maybe one day the Koreans will want to produce phones again. Then they can state that even after the deal is over, they remembered their customers.

Out of curiosity, I will add that this is the third consecutive release of LG Velvet’s green robot. This is an above-average result in the middle-class world. Couldn’t it be like this before?

If you have an LG Velvet and want to exchange it, you may find the perfect option for you in our roundup of phones with the best specifications for the money:

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