Lex TVN.  Arkadiusz Jakubik on Kukiz: "I can't understand what happened to this guy"

For several days, the media has been talking about only one thing: an amendment to the broadcasting law. At the beginning of July, some PiS lawmakers submitted a draft to the Chamber of Deputies, under which the rules for granting licenses to broadcast media with capital from outside the European Economic Area would be changed.

The amendment states that the concession can only be obtained by entities established in a member state of the European Economic Area. The condition is also their independence from a foreign person from outside the European Economic Area.

It was the deputies of Kukiz and PiS who passed the “anti-TVN” bill that divides society. From that moment on, the former vocalist of the band “Breasts” did not have it easy. The wave of hatred turned out to be devastating.

Recently, Arkadiusz Milik also made a comment, which did not utter the words during the conversation with TVN24.

The former band members didn’t have kind words for him and even released a statement that Pawe Kukiz has nothing to do with them. Deputy Banasevich treated him more harshly, even defying “dung”.


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