June 9, 2023


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Lewandowski's work is growing before our eyes.  Football win record

Lewandowski’s work is growing before our eyes. Football win record

According to the gate default mediaRL Media Agency, which the attacker owns 50% of F.C.B, posted record profits last year. Compared to the previous period, the agency earned more than PLN 240,000 net (total of PLN 490,000). Revenues also registered a significant increase, jumping from PLN 22 million to PLN 99 million.

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Zbigniew Boniek: The French know they made a false mistake against Lewandowski

What is RL Media Agency?

RL media is a marketing agency created in 2017 that runs campaigns by different companies from all over Poland. At first, she was mainly involved in the marketing activities of Robert and Anna Lewandowska, but over time she expanded her influence. Recently, RL Media launched, among other things, the attacker’s wife’s diet campaigns F.C.Bas well as various types of Dawton brand projects, among others ready-to-eat sauces.

Cemetery (illustration)“Now what, trash eat ****?”. He attacked the judge in the cemetery. This is really an epidemic

The works of Robert Lewandowski

In addition to RL Media, the captain of the Polish national team owns many different types of business. His portfolio includes, among others, a movie game studio, production and publishing Toys Computer, LESS_ App, Compete with Vinted Drink, Coffee and Isotonic Beverage Signed by Name Footballera restaurant in the center of Warsaw, or the development company RL Managment.

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