Lewandowski summed up Chesney's performance with Wally.  Straight to the Polish national team pup

Poland defeated 1-0 welsey And make sure to maintain it in the highest section The League of Nations. Wojciech Szczęsny was one of the best players in the team led by Czeslaw Mitsjniwich, who showed several tackles between posts.

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Robert Lewandowski assesses the Polish national team: We must think

Poland uses 12 percent. chances. Michenewicz listened to Lewandowski. make a joke

The undisputed champion of white and red was like a wall in front of the Polish goal, even though Daniel James did his best to defeat him. Brendan Johnson also failed with a free kick in the 60th minute, because Czzusny was defending all the host’s matches and reading it that day. As He is confident of the match with his legs. I think it would have been impossible to play better” – this is how our journalist Jakob Sjorn evaluated the goalkeeper after the match.

Coach Ceslav Micniewicz also praised the goalkeeper at the press conference. – I am very happy that Wojtek helps us in crucial moments. That was the case in the March match with Sweden (2-0) and it was the same on Sunday. It is no coincidence that he plays for Juventus and that he is one of the best players goalkeepers In the world – he said.

Lewandowski: “Did you congratulate Chchosny? Let him stand up for something”

It seems that all this praise is well deserved. All observers agreed that Szczęsny deserved the highest notes. But Robert Lewandowski He has a slightly different opinion about it, although he said it with a big smile on his face.

The captain of the Polish national team stood in front of the TVP Sport cameras. A reporter asked him if he had already congratulated the goalkeeper on his performance in this match. – Let’s face it, let’s defend something. He must defend. I hope he faces more such situations, so that the opponent does not score anything. Let’s not expect him to catch what there are only flies in – summed up Lewandowski, who at this meeting provided great assistance to Karol Schwedersky in Goalwhich gave the Poles victory and preservation of the highest division in the League of Nations.

Wojciech Szczęsny after the match against WalesWojciech Szczecinny responds after the match against Wales. tightly

Lewandowski paid tribute to another footballer, Jacob Keewer. – As I saw him after the match against Holland (0:2). That’s what I told him: “Dude, you didn’t come to the team, I came here to play in the first team. He has a really great left hand man who can be useful for us on the team. Of course, I don’t I don’t want to praise him too much now, because The media sometimes broadcast my very important statements. But he is modest, wants to develop and draw conclusions quickly, and also wants to learn. This is the most important thing – said the captain of the Polish national team.

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