Lewandowski advises Bayern Munich how to play.  Make a list of the names that will be the key to Pika Nona

The transport saga ended with the participation of Robert Lewandowski. The Polish actor has already been officially introduced as a player in FC Barcelona. Going to Barcelona wasn’t easy. I know we have hard work ahead. But I am happy to be able to join such a great club with such a great history . said the 33-year-old.

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The sale of Lewandowski shirts has been suspended. Barcelona oddities

Robert Lewandowski spoke about Bayern Munich. ‘They don’t necessarily need a new striker’

Former club Lewandowski Bayern Munich Consequently, he was left without a nominal striker position. There were many possible successors in the media, but the Polish representative claims that the Bavarians do not need the new “nine” at all.

“I think Bayern have so many talented attacking players that they don’t urgently need to recruit a new striker.” The team’s attack is excellent and they can do very well. Even without a one-to-one transition – said Lewandowski, citing ran.de.

Lewandowski He also referred to the concept of playing without a striker, which the Bavarian coach, Julian Nagelsmann, was about to consider. Bayern will be able to play more fluidly and develop a new identity. Kingsley ComanOr Leroy Sane or Thomas Muller or Jamal Musila He added that they will now have more responsibility when it comes to scoring goals and can thrive in this role.

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Joan Laporta and Robert LewandowskiLaporta learn two sentences in Polish. Show with Lewandowski

new pick Barcelona also revealed in previous interviews what he heard from the Bavarian team coach when he left Bayern: – He said: “You wrote an interesting story, Leoy.” And it is an honor for him to work with me. made me happy – Lewandowski said.

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