Let Lapointe create a life

Well, another controversy about a festival.

After “Samion and the French Festival”, “Emily Piloto and the Men’s Festival”, here is “Eric Lapoint et al. Festival … Eric the Point”.

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Duty We learned yesterday that the Plessisville Maple Festival is in hot water because a lady on social media regretted calling Eric Lapayinde.

“Maple Mechsui”, “Pass Race”, “Saw Match” (divided into four categories: amateur stock chainsaws; origin stock chainsaws; modified chainsaws; cheetah, condenser, hot water bottle and ax throw), “tractor shooting”, inflatable games, A small farm, an ornate kiosk, a lively parade through the streets and a show of Polyvalente La Samare de Plessisville alumni, allowing the ceremony to take place on stage … Eric Lapointe!

This does not apply to web judges who consider Rocker to be ignored.

Slogan of the Maple Festival: “It’s going to brew in the cabin”. They don’t believe so much.

Eric Lapoint pleaded guilty in 2019 to an assault case. I do not want to reduce or minimize the gestures made by the rocker. But the criminal and criminal prosecutor, along with the defense attorney, asked for a conditional discharge. The judge also upheld their joint recommendation. Lapointe was not sentenced to prison!

And should the “famous court” be tougher with Éric Lapointe than the official court? Lapointe faced justice. Why should he be given professional punishment?

Is Laboint Miss-Maple Re-In-In, or Reversible? (I finished my pranks with maple …)

As a public figure, you have every right to “ignore” Lapoint because he cannot accept what he has done.

But why should those who want to give Lapointe a second chance miss this choice?

If a convicted offender has a right to the principles of “social reunification” and “rehabilitation”, why shouldn’t artists be entitled to it?

Said Emily Pinnett, 22, who was behind the boycott call home work “It simply came to our notice then. Celebrities should be role models, and this sends the bad news that Eric Lapoint is still on stage.

Should all celebrities be perfect otherwise should they be at home?

But what about these little priests who distribute sentences from over twenty years of life experience?

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In the #metoo movement slides, we saw:

  1. Those convicted before trial,
  2. Those who carry out the sentence, even if no charges are laid;
  3. Those who continue to punish even if the culprit is punished!

I have questions for those who make mistakes on the web: When are you going to be happy? Which sentence would be harsher in your opinion? For how many centuries should the wrongdoers be deported? When are you going to stop making yourself lawyers, judges, justice ministers?

You are doing … immeasurable harm to society.

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