Leszek Teleszyński survived the ordeal.  Andrzej Żuławski fed him lice

Leszek Teleczynski He went down in the history of Polish cinema, theater and television with many great roles. Playing the role of Radziwiłł in “immersion”One of them is Valdemar Michurovsky in “leprosy” and pilot Krzysztof Werner in the first Polish TV series “In the Labyrinth”. Today, few people remember that at the beginning of his career he starred in two high-profile films Andrzej Żuławskiwork he remembers like hell, time spent on set is like… stay in hell!

The meeting with Andrzej Żuławski was a great honor for the young Leszek Teleszyński.

My friends from drama school are statistically in “The Third Part of the Night”, and Sulawski invited me to audition pictures for the main role. Until then, I knew that if I got the role, I would have a huge challenge. I was not mistaken – said the actor years later, recalling his first appearance in the movie.

Leszek Teleszyński remembers well how Żuławski sent him to Gdynia, where vaccines against typhus were produced at the Old Medical Institute.

– He did everything the natural way. My hero was supposed to feed the lice, so he decided I should know what it looked like. I went to the institute in Gdynia. I caught several thousand lice on my leg … I was sitting and they were feeding on me – he said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

The debutante was very afraid that he might get typhus. Although he assured that the lice were all healthy, he was vaccinated just in case.

– I’d rather get sick! He says that administering the vaccine in the form of an oily liquid is comparable to hitting an iron bar.

Leszek Teleszyński does not hide that some methods of Andrzej Żuławski’s work seemed incomprehensible to him, but he tried not to argue with the manager and simply followed his orders. However, he promised himself that he would never play with him again!

A year after the shooting of “The Third Part of the Night”, Andrei Solowsky began shooting the movie “The Devil”. The director’s wife – and she was then Malgorzata Braunek – He insisted on engaging … Teleszyński. You don’t want to play with anyone else! Only for this reason Lesik agreed to appear in “The Devil” and … soon regretted it.

This time, Żuławski sent the actor to a psychiatrist.

– I went to the psychiatric hospital in Turkiye and left myself locked up with schizophrenics in a room without door handles – recalls Leszek Teliszynski and adds that Andrzej Żuławski had no mercy on anyone, not even his wife.

– Maguzia Brunic had a nervous attack during the shooting. He wanted to get more and more feelings out of her and he just didn’t have enough – he says.

The film was so strong that censorship prevented it from appearing in cinemas. An observer decided upon examination that the Polish viewer was not prepared to witness such experiences. “Diaby” has been on the shelf for 16 years!

Today, Leszek Telezinsky speaks with emotion about his work on the sets “The Third Part of the Night” and “The Devil”. He claims that Żuławski simply made him an actor.

However, the memory of the louse that had to feed on his blood, still comes back to him in nightmares …

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