Leopard 2. The Polish government is considering donating tanks to Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal refers to Slawomirr Dubski, president of the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

Leopard 2. Will Poland hand over the tanks?

In addition to the Polish diplomat, the information was to be confirmed by an official from the Czech Republic who was closely involved in the process of organizing and sending Western weapons to Ukraine. The New York Times quoted him as saying on its website: “They are really considering offering anything just to help Ukraine.”

Leopard 2 tanks are better armored and protected against anti-tank missiles than vehicles donated to date by the USA, Germany or France. As PISM President Sławomir Dębski said, Poland plans to get rid of them all, but the pace of their donation depends on the pace of delivery Tanks that Poland bought from the United States and South Korea.

“It’s not a matter of if, but when” – Dębski used to say according to “WSJ”.

Germany will donate Patriot batteries

On Thursday, it was confirmed that Germany will supply Ukraine with an additional battery of the Patriot air defense system.

The White House announced that after a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, a decision was made regarding the delivery of more equipment to Kyiv. In the face of more Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, President Biden and Chancellor Schultz reaffirmed their support for providing Ukrainian forces with air defense systems.

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