May 31, 2023


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Leo Messi was lying on the ground during a Champions League match.  'It's disrespectful'

Leo Messi was lying on the ground during a Champions League match. ‘It’s disrespectful’

Yesterday’s match was Messi’s debut with Paris Saint-Germain (Paris Saint-Germain). The Argentine showed himself from an excellent team because he In the 74th minute, he scored a goal that allowed his team to win 2-0. However, an interesting situation occurred during the match. While the English team takes a free throw, Messi To lie on the floor behind the wall, thus preventing the opponent from scoring the goal. It is an increasingly common technique, used in the past, among other things, against Messi himself. The behavior of the footballer and his teammates has greatly divided Internet users into social media and specialists.

Rio Ferdinand, former football player Manchester United, commented live on the event at the end of the match.

It is disrespectful to a legend to lie like that! If I were in PSG, I wouldn’t let him lie there. I’ll do it!

Some also mention events from 3 years ago, When Messi himself laughed in the stands with Marcelo Brozovic, who was also behind the wall at the time. The shot fired by Luis Suarez was prevented.

Not everyone thinks that Messi, as a football legend, is unfit to do so. One Twitter user wrote on the Rio Ferdinand video:

A true professional soccer player. 0 percent ego and 1000 percent. skills. I think gestures like this make it even better.

Lionel Messi scores 2-0Lionel Messi 2-0 with IAN Langsdon / EPA / PAP

club Paris Saint-GermainWhere does Messi play? After two rounds of the Champions League, he became the leader of Group A. He has 4 points (1 draw and 1 win). The same result was achieved by Club Brugge, but he has a slightly worse goal balance than PSG, so he is in second place.

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