May 29, 2023


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Leo Messi is close to leaving Paris Saint-Germain. He can go back to Barcelona

Everything indicates that Leo Messi will leave Paris at any moment. Although every team in the world would like to have the Argentine in the squad, the choice seems simple: either succeed with Barcelona, ​​or make money in America or Saudi Arabia. Paris Saint-Germain is perhaps a closed chapter in his career.

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Since Messi won the World Cup with Argentina in December, the Parc des Princes authorities are doing their best to extend his contract until June this year. Negotiations were conducted by the football player’s father, but he left the next round inconsolable. – There is no agreement yet, – he repeated, and the nervous crowd biting their nails.

There isn’t and probably never will be. Messi feels bad in the French capitalAnd even the local fans don’t treat him like those back home. On the contrary: before Saturday’s match against Lyon, the Argentine was booed mercilessly.

Used to being carried in the arms of both fans and teammates, Messi is not comfortable in the role of “the other.”. The first, of course, is Kylian Mbappe: he earns more, shoots more, lives better with the fans, but he also … plays the best. When the important matches come, and when Paris Saint-Germain is most in need of stars, it is the young Frenchman who carries the team. Messi was disappearing. And since the Parisians are evaluated mainly through the prism of the game in Europe, the Argentine gets a more or less deserved thunder.

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In the last confrontation with Lyon, he scored as many as 26 losses. These are incredible numbers, considering what he did a few months ago, leading Argentina on the back to the coveted tournament.

Messi is not enthusiastic about playing, and is said to be tired of the atmosphere in the PSG dressing room and around the team, which many see as a luxury stop on the way to the end of their careers, or at best an exclusive space to earn much more money than players are actually entitled to.

Messi is 35 years old, but there is still enough fuel in the tank to run a well-oiled machine. Everything is wrong in Paris. Destination: Barcelona suggests itself …

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