Leo Messi is approaching an exciting transfer?  “We’ll keep pushing. I’m confident” football

Conversion Leo Messi From Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain It was one of the highest transfers of the last summer transfer window. In a new club Messi He hasn’t been doing well yet, or at least not to the best of his abilities. The Argentine played 23 matches in all competitions at Paris Saint-Germain, scoring seven goals and eleven assists.

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Leo Messi is approaching Inter Miami. The club’s clear position with MLS

More and more media are saying that Messi will not stay in Paris for long. It has been linked back to F.C.BAs well as with transportation to football League. She’s supposed to be particularly interested in the club Inter Miami. A team jointly owned by the English football legend, David Beckham.

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Leo Messi is the best football players In the world. His skills have not disappeared. I think David has a good relationship with him as well. Jorge Mas, co-owner of the American club, said that if he wanted to leave Paris Saint-Germain, we would like to see Messi at Inter Miami.

Maas often believes that it is possible to bring a star of this size. The rumors were also fueled by the news that the Argentine had recently bought a luxury apartment in Miami.

Not only Jorge Mas would like to see Messi at Inter Miami. He has already written that Beckham would like to create a club with world-class stars on his team.

I have always said that I want the best players in the world in my team who will represent our colors with pride. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not a good thing, but most of the time it’s a good thing.

– When we started this project, people were saying: “This guy is coming, this guy is coming, Cristiano Ronaldo is going, Leo Messi is going. And it turns out we have to deal with him, whether we play with the youngsters in the team or the stars,” the Englishman added.

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David Beckham He added that the fans would certainly be delighted with the presence of the star in the team and can also help Inter Miami win the national championship. However, there is no confirmed information yet that the authorities of the American club were determining the terms of Messi’s transfer.

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