Legion of Honor |  France's Janet shows tenderness to Reno

In a brief interview with Press, In a set on Sofitel on Thursday morning, Ginette Reno said he had “a taste for doing three, four crazy things before going the other way”. What kind of crazy? “Make love. A few hours later his wish came true – so to speak – and the French Republic honored him with the Legion of Honor.

Released at 5:45 p.m.

Dominic Late

Dominic Late

“Let this decoration be a new milestone in your contribution to culture and the friendship that binds us, and may it be a testament to the fact that Paris and France will always look at you and smile,” said General Sophie Lockwood, Ambassador of France in Montreal. Lyrics of the song Paris Quebec (1985), during a ceremony on Thursday afternoon in the presence of family, friends and the media.

True to her usual unbroken, essential singer, she celebrated her 76th birthdayAnd On his birthday Thursday, he could not help but project his elegant thanksgiving speech, which he admitted could not be like him: “I shudder all over now … even the fat in my buttocks trembles. ⁇

But as the serious translator could move from one emotional boundary to another in a second, she suppressed tears and regretted that after a few seconds her parents could not be by his side. . “I wish they were still alive to share my disbelief with them, but I also share my joy and gratitude.”

How does she want to thank the Republic? Beginning after singing Sweet France, Janet Reno addressed the Thai nation in familiar words: “You probably know that I often sing the national anthem at the Bell Center. So if you want someone to sing yours Marcelice, Under the Eiffel Tower or in the Park des Princesses or anywhere else, know that you can always count on me. ⁇

Photo by Martin Chamberland, The Press

Singer Jeanette Reno during her speech

Thanks to both for the compliment

Kinet Renault on Thursday teamed up with Gilles Vignold, Michael Tremble, Celine Dion, Claude Leville and Diane Dufresne to thank the two fans for their action.

After attending his childhood statue show at the Videotron Center in 2017, Chandel Lefebvre, who lives in the Dunkirk area, listed his friend Christine Gordon, who lives in the Paris region, so the artist would receive this prestigious reward, and it was accomplished. Thanks to the intervention of another fan of Quebecois, the mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Frederick Quillier.

Friends, currently across the ocean on Thursday, especially to attend the event. “We love Zinet’s humanity,” she said.Me Garden, using only the first name of the star, it looks like an intimate. “Janet is very generous, very complete.”

New Piaf

One on one when one happily disintegrated Newspaper, Hours before he was to be decorated, Jeanette Reno recalled her relationship with France with her legendary (mostly hilarious) discourse, which had its high points in the 1980s, when she frequently visited the ‘episode’ set. Champs-Elysees By Michael Trucker I need to talk (1984), produced by Luke Flamondon and Diane Juster for the play Tell me if I bother Janet Bertrand wrote that her biggest success there was, however, that her career was not as purposeful as it had been in Quebec. “I did nothing to take it.”

He was 21 when he first sang a song titled Lee at the 1967 Olympics. Canadian Music Hall. “I had lost a lot of weight, was as beautiful as my heart, and bought the most glamorous outfit. I wanted to show my feet. When I went on stage, Bruno Coquatrix [directeur de l’Olympia] He stopped me and said: “But you should not wear such a dress, you are the new piaf. He took me shopping and made me buy one of my best outfits, the maxi dress. ⁇

Then Janet gets up from her chair and pushes the first lines My old Lucian And It’s not muchBoth That. When Piaf sang, ‘I swear I love kissing you in the water’, you had the impression that she was really drowning. That’s what she taught me: you have to know what you’re singing and sing it seriously. ⁇

What keeps Jeanette Renault busy these days? The big lady still does not know if she will be invited to Guy Laughlor’s funeral, but announced the release of a new album on Thursday that has already been recorded.

Can he listen to a duet song with his friend Loud? We must continue to dream. “God! He’s very special, isn’t he? He does not talk much. I spent two days with him [lors du tournage des publicités d’Uber Eats] I tried everything to cheer him up. I even thought about undressing naked. If he had seen how God created me, I would have had a reaction. ⁇

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