Legend tells Bayern about Lewandowski's hypocrisy.  'Many faults have been committed' Becca Blah

The transport story continues with Robert Lewandowski championship. Bayern Munich returned to training on Tuesday 12 July. German The media wondered if column He will already come to class. However, everything indicates that nothing like this will happen. Lewandowski I have already traveled to Munich.

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Lewandowski number one on Barcelona’s wish list? The Catalan journalist confirms this

The eagle fell. Robert Lewandowski was arrested at Munich Airport

The question is, how long will Lewandowski stay there? According to the latest information, Barcelona She was about to make another offer to him. It is the amount Bayern want, that is, 50 million euros. According to other reports, Munich residents want to sell Lewandowski this week, before they go on tour from the United States. It’s going in the same direction Barcelona. The matter is likely to be settled by July 16.

Lothar Matthaus accuses Bayern of hypocrisy. “Pity”

Lewandowski has been saying frankly for a long time that he wants to leave Bayern. At the press conference on the occasion of the training camp staff “His adventure with Bayern is over,” he said. The media tells that the pole is only thinking of transferring to F.C.B. But the entire deal was blocked by Bayern Munich. First, he has not yet received a satisfactory offer. Second – did not find a replacement. Third, Munich residents do not like this behavior Lewandowski and Barcelona themselvesWho in the person of Joan Laporta Publicly thanks Lewandowski for his efforts. Bayern want to show “who is in charge”, so the club’s management keeps repeating such a mantra that Lewandowski has another contract and must fulfill it.

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This position did not appeal to Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthaus. It is believed that the club authorities in this case show their hypocrisy. “Bayern has gratefully agreed that both Mane and de Ligt have at least internally informed their clubs of their desire to move to Bayern and that the clubs are finding a solution. This usually speeds up the transfer process as most clubs try to get reasonable player fees. – Who wants to leave. Robert Lewandowski He did the same and announced his desire to move to FC Barcelona. Here Bayern hasn’t let a very well-deserved player leave for a reasonable transfer fee of around $40 million. Attracting other players to Munich under similar conditions is a good thing, and of course not fulfilling your own desires. He wrote to Matthews in “Sky Sports Deutschland” that it is unfortunate.

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“In this case, many mistakes were made on both sides. In internal and external communication. Therefore, I wish the club and the player, whom I value above all measurement and whom I admire incredibly, that all parties find a solution” – added the legendary and winning midfielder With the golden ball.

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