Lech Poznan - Wisla Krakow.  Players who played with Lech Pozna and Wisła Kraków

On Friday, Ekstraklasa hit – Lech Pozna takes over Wisła Kraków (at 20.30, coverage in Interia). For many players, this match is not just a football competition, but also a return to the main decisions in life.

In July 1990, despair fell on the Vistula part of Krakow. The club was barely making ends meet and had to make a decision that is still described as ‘disastrous’. To save the budget, Wisła sold Kazimierz Moskal to Lech. Fans took to the streets and staged a sit-in at the club’s headquarters, because they could not accept the departure of their favorite. Just like the Muscovite, who burst into tears after the decision was announced.

– Unfortunately, but also out of necessity, we had to sell it. The money obtained will allow the team to lead a relatively peaceful life – explained President Ludwik Mija Mikojevic, but he convinced only a few. Wisła received two billion zlotys of life for its leader.

Moskal won two championships and the Polish Super Cup in Poznan. He returned to Krakow, when Wisla’s situation was much better and won two championships, two cups and a Polish Super Cup. Later, he was also coach of the Vistula River and to this day, in Reymonta, he is treated as a legend.

At the turn of the century, the situation was turned upside down. In Pozna every penny began to count, and in Kraków Bogoslav Kubiš poured out in the millions. His coaches greeted almost anyone they wanted, so it was finally Lech’s time. From there, he bought Wisła Maciej Żurawski in mid-1999, and Arkadiusz Głowacki joined him a few months later. They came quickly and stayed years.

urawski said goodbye to Pozna with two goals scored by Wisła. More precisely, it looked as if on Saturday he was in the crosshairs of the “White Star”, and a week later he ran in a shirt with a white star and in the starting lineup. Today, Żurawski probably does not regret this step, because thanks to Wisła he earned a lot, made his way into the national team, played in the European Cups, won four Polish championships and moved to Celtic Glasgow. True, at first he missed Poznan and as soon as he had a day off, he rode a motorcycle and ran 450 km. Today, however, it has settled permanently near Wawel.

Just like Głowacki, who has not parted with the Vistula until today, and has already spent half his life in Krakow. He came to Wawel at the age of 21. He won six Polish championships, was a captain for many years, and today is responsible for bringing players to the club. He also started a family in Krakow, his wife opened a restaurant, and together they run a football school. He himself says that it is not Krakow, but Krakowian. That is, he got to know the city perfectly, because near Wawel, a person born in this city is considered to be from Krakow, and a resident of Krakow for many years.

In 2007, it was time for another high-profile transfer from Wisła to Lech. Unexpectedly loud. Emilian Dolha slowly became a favorite in the Krakow stands and the leading goalkeeper in the league. He assured that he had fallen in love with Krakow and that he could spend the coming years here. Talk about the city, the fans, the atmosphere, but it was all forgotten when Lech activists presented a bag of money.

Dolha officially negotiated an extension of the contract with Wisła (although his authorities acted rather slowly), but he also spoke calmly with Lech and after a few weeks became a footballer in “Kolejorz”. Do you regret today? When you remember what happened two months later, you probably will.

On September 1, Lech played Wisla at Reymonta, and for many fans it was a Dolha match against Krakow. The Romanian goalkeeper lost the match. Dole was insulted and booed, and eventually 20,000 laughed at her. People. In the first half he allowed four goals, three of them after his mistakes. He does not come out for the second part, but rather hides in the club bus.

Later, he played only a few matches in Lech and terminated the contract with Lech. He returned to Romania, although in Krakow he confirmed that he would never play in the stadiums of his homeland …

There is only one player on both teams who has replaced Lech directly at Wiesla. A few months ago, the Krakowian team won Hubert Sobol, who played in Pozna mainly in the reserve, and in the first lineup of the “Piazza Gwaizda” he had a total of 16 minutes.

Lech Poznań – Wisła Kraków match on Friday at 20.30, report in Interia.

Pewter Gower

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