Leave the camera in a hotel room.  What he saw terrified him

A man vacationing with his family in Mexico decides to check what happens in a hotel room when guests leave. Leave the laptop’s camera on (activated when motion is detected) and close the door behind it.

When he returned to the room and decided to review the recorded video, he was surprised and very worried. He quickly asked the hotel manager to interveneThe video was posted online on TikTok.

You can see him as a hotel employee He enters the room, drinks a beer and searches the guests’ personal belongings.

– Our vacation has become strange. I won’t mention the name of the hotel because they handled the situation very well. Just be careful and use technology to your advantage. I’m honestly amazed by it [on] The green light on the camera was not noticed. Next time I will darken them – wrote the author of the video.

From the video owner’s interview with the people who commented on the video, it appears that the hotel manager intervened immediately and the event had its consequences.

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