Leave everything and come back!  Russian cosmonaut on the International Space Station in dire straits

It was supposed to be the standard space flight for a Russian cosmonaut who stays in International Space Stationj. On August 17, the commander of Expedition 67 to the Russian International Space Station Oleg Artemyev He was expected to work in outer space for seven hours. He is an experienced astronaut who has done such spacewalks many times. This time, while walking, he was accompanied by a friend from Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency) Flight Engineer Denis Matveyev. The two men were wearing Russian suits Orlan. There are also US spacesuits on board the International Space Station Extra Vehicle Mobility Unit (EMU)that are used in spacewalks and are reliable. But both chose the Russian language.

Everything was going as planned when the Russian observers suddenly noticed it Something very annoying is happening with Artemyev’s suit. It happened when the astronauts finished installing two cameras on the The European Space Agency’s robotic arm. Suddenly, the battery in the Russian suit began to behave very strangely. The flight control center of Russia noted this Battery voltage started dropping, then back to normal again. This kind of situation in space is very dangerous because low battery voltage can disable life support systems. It is enough that the efficiency of the pumps that drive the circulation of the coolant in the spacesuit decreases, and the life of the astronaut is endangered. The response from the flight control center was quick.

The suit’s battery problems were so troublesome that flight controllers urgently ordered the astronaut to return to the space station and deliver the suit’s power to the International Space Station. He received some warnings at first, but at one point the inspectors gave him a very firm demand.

The Russians did not disclose the details of the failure of Artemyev’s lawsuit. The Flight Control Center near Moscow made only a brief announcement – quote – The lives of the astronauts were not in danger, not even for a moment“However, something different was said by a NASA employee who listened to Russian cosmonauts calling the Earth during a space walk. Oleg Artemyev should have joked, after returning to the ISS”Now he looks better than when he started walking“.

Spacewalks at the ISS take place regularly. To date, the station crew has had to perform maintenance work in the vacuum of space 250 times. Suits were never an issue.

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