Laura for fans – review of the second season of Star Wars: Vision

Season 2 is like Love, Death Robots, but in the Star Wars universe. This is what makes it look so good.

Conrad has spoken positively about the first season of the Star Wars Vision anthology, though I don’t share that enthusiasm for one simple reason — mixing Star Wars and animated motifs is blasphemy. I tried so many times to love “Chinese fairy tales”, but it’s not for me fairy tale And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put up with that idiosyncratic streak and annoying characters. Fortunately, Season 2 brought about some changes and the anime designer is featured in the background here. But was that enough to make the Star Wars Vision more than just a tight treat for Star Wars nerds? not exactly.

less anime? Luckily

The first look at the list of episodes shows us that the second season of Vision has undergone dramatic changes – the creators have opened up to new types of animation, from two-dimensional films, through artistic creations full of experiments with color, to episodes with plasticine people. Straight from the evening. I couldn’t shake the feeling the way it was Love, death, robotsBut in the Star Wars universe. Take that as a compliment.

Each episode tells a very different story here, though tying everything together the leitmotif of the entire season is arguably an attempt to show that the Force pulses throughout the galaxy, not just on the line of conflict between Jedi and Sith – although there will be Lots of those too.

Some episodes, of course, are full of action, explosives and flashing lights in the air, but I feel like Season 2 of Vision is a bit more subdued. This isn’t always a good thing, because long scenes with conversations of creatures from the fringes of the galaxy don’t contribute anything that can be safely omitted, even though it was supposed to shift Star Wars lore toward hitherto unknown characters, planets, and flavors.

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Fun for Star Wars fans

Disney is a company that is adept at reaching the attention of all generations. Season 2 of Star Wars: Vision demonstrates just that. In terms of style and artistry, each episode is a separate work with distinct animation and alternates between family themes and those for more mature viewers. However, this is nothing more than an accessory for already die-hard Star Wars fans. It shows that Star Wars is not just the snarky duels between representatives of hostile regimes and the political strife of senators, but also the lives of ordinary people trying to face the consequences of the heavy control of the Empire. Often my grandfather is known only from stories.

Source: Disney

So if, like me, you were blown away by Vision because of the season 1 animation, give the new episodes a chance. It’s even better, and if the creators keep the concepts of mixing different animation styles, I’ll be glad Season 3 arrives.

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