Laura Fabian makes an exciting proposal to Audrey-Louise!

Three days after being expelled from Star Academy, Audrey-Louise receives an interesting project from Laura Fabian.

His departure from Waterloo Manor did not just shake academics. Many spectators protested the decision of the teaching staff on Sunday evening.

Although Audrey-Louise is unable to return to the academy, a surprising surprise awaits her soon! Laura Fabian gave him the opportunity to go on stage, to his side, during his next performances. Audrey-Louise will be at the Videotron Center especially in June.

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“I’m been talking to Audrey – Louise every day since Sunday. She’s fine. She said something very reasonable: life ended well, and if it stopped for me at that point, maybe there’s a reason,” said Laura Fabian.

The 23-year-old singer fell in love with the film after leaving the academy because the petition to bring him back was put together.

The day after the elimination, when he went to the Salt Bonjour set, the main interested party did not hide his disappointment. However, she was very tolerant of us.

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