Laura Fabian is in mourning

Laura Fabian had some very sad news to share on her social networks.

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On Instagram, the singer shared a photo of a woman with a small note, making us understand that the person in question is dead.

If he did not mention who he was in his short speech, his subscribers in the comments seemed to be well aware of the identity of the deceased: it was Liz Richard. The latter was Laura’s best friend and also his agent for a number of years.

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“I will always love you, …. may this last journey guide you to the eternity of love you deserve,” the director of Star Academy casually wrote in a headline.
In an interview on our pages with Joel Legendre last yearTranslator of I like you Liz talked about her relationship with Richard, whom she named the one who gave her the first chance.

“Liz was an exceptional woman at first. I would even say that I was very much in touch with the maternal side she encouraged. She is the mother of two young women. She left to come around the world with me for a long time. So, in the long run, she became my big sister. Liz saw me one evening while I was singing on the Montreal Cabaret, so she was the one who took me to Trans-Canada, the largest record producer and distributor in Quebec at the time, and she was the one who would make sure I was signing the contract for this first album. So, thank you to this wonderful woman, It all started for me, ”he said at the time.

In the comments under his post, many internet users sent him a lot of love and sweetness. We do the same with them and use this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to our loved ones.

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