Laugh or cry?  Big Mistake in the World Cup

The World Championship organizers are still promoting the tournament with a poster with the image of Malwina Smarzek-Godek. The problem is that the 26-year-old was missing from the Polish national team.


WP SportoweFakty / Justyna Serafin / Mateusz Górecki / Pictured: Malwina Smarzek-Godek

Poland and the Netherlands will host this year’s Women’s Volleyball World Championships. It was a huge surprise that Stefano Lavarini’s inauguration party faced Croatia in Arnhem, and not in front of their fans. Last Friday, Piao Zeroni won 3:1.

The World Federation never again flaunted. As noted by Mateusz Gorecki, a journalist for TVP Sport, a poster promoting the tournament with the Polish player in the lead appeared on the portal.

It seems that the organizers did not realize that Malwina Smrzyk had not been called up for the national team. The 26-year-old’s photo still appears on the poster.

All the signs in the sky indicated that Smarzek would return to the team and help his friends in the big tournament. In any case, the volleyball player confirmed that she will be at the disposal of the coach after the League of Nations.

Lavarini succinctly answered the question of whether Smarzek refused to play in the team. – I do not think so. I don’t want to talk about players who are not here. We’ll talk when he gets back – he said (more here).

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