Lana Del Rey thinks she knows the key to Taylor Swift’s success

For Lana Del Rey, the translator’s best affirmation Shake it off Explaining his incredible popularity, it continues to arouse the admiration of his peers in the music world.

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“She loves it,” he told the BBC recently. “She has told me many times that she wants more than anyone, and it’s amazing how she gets what she wants.”

To the translator Video games, the pop star has cultivated her success through her own efforts. “She’s motivated and I think it’s really paid off,” he added.

The two artists acted as a couple Snow on the beachFrom the album midnights Taylor Swift, released in 2022.

Scottish singer Katie Tunstall, who gave an interview to the BBC, to whom we are indebted. Suddenly I saw, is full of praise for Taylor Swift, who she considers a “fantastic role model.” “She has the resilience and courage to head a huge machine that employs thousands of people,” he said. “You have to be one of a kind to handle this and everything she’s going through in public.”

For British singer Ray, the 34-year-old star is a “real powerhouse”. “He’s one of those rare, timeless artists who succeeds every time,” he added.

Taylor Swift is currently continuing her record-breaking world tour, Eras TourAfter releasing a new album last April, Department of Tortured Poets.

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