Łaguta and ogaczow are back on the track!  The first competition behind them

After the Russians lost the opportunity to ride in the PGE Ekstraliga, Grigorij Łaguta and Sergey Łogaczow were unable to support the teams from Lublin and Rybnik. However, both can compete in their homeland. The first competition has just ended.

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Gregory Laguta

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused the International Equestrian Federation to remove Russian motorcyclists from competing on the international stage and recommended the national federations to make a similar decision. Therefore, PZM and PGE Ekstraliga decided to suspend the East players who did not appear in a single league match in the 2022 season.

While Emil Sajfutdinov or Artiom Łaguta are not enthusiastic about returning to Russia and competing in the domestic league, Grigory Laguta and Sergey Łogachev acted differently. Both played in the first match of the domestic matches, where Mega Łada Togliatti faced Vostok Vladivostok.

It is worth emphasizing that until recently the start of the Russian league was highly uncertain. The Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in the imposition of several economic sanctions on Moscow. This led, among other things, to the lack of Speedway tires in the domestic market. In the end, the Russians managed to solve this problem by providing equipment from Turkey.

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In the fourth match, the hosts lost to Vladivostok in the 40:51 minute. The older Łagut brothers scored 6 points and appeared on the track only twice. Ogachev was also impressed – he won by 17 “points”. Mark Carrion also added valuable points, as he had the opportunity to compete in the Motor Lublin colors at the PGE Ekstraliga a year ago.

In the ranks of Mega Lada, famous from the Polish league, Giogeni Szgdolin (12 points), Roman Lachbaum (11 + 1) and Rinat Gavourou (9 + 1) did well.

Scoring (from speedway-press.ru):

Mega Lada Togliatti – 40:
9. Rinat Gavuro – 9 + 1 (2,2,2,2,0,1 *)
10. Daniel Wisgerd – 0 (R, 0)
11. Semyon Zuev – 1 + 1 (1 *)
12. Ivan Belyaev – 1 + 1 (0.1 *, 0)
13. Yevgeny Sagdulin – 12 (0,3,0,3,4!, 2)
14. Arseny Zubkov – 6 + 1 (1 *, 1, 2, 2, 0, in)
15th. Roman Lachboom – 11 + 1 (2,2,3,1 *, 1,2)

Vostok Vladivostok – 51:
1. Pawe Łaguta – 9 + 1 (3,1,2,1,2 *, 0)
2. Denis Bashmakov – 1 (0.01.0)
3. Mark Carrion – 7 + 1 (3.1 *, 0.3.0)
4. Nikita Kuroko – 0 (show)
5. Sergey Logachev – 17 (3,3,3,2,3,3)
6. Vitaly Kotlar – 11 + 1 (1,3,2,3,1 *, 1)
7. Gregory Laguta – 6 (3.3)

Running after running:
1. P. Łaguta, Gafurow, Zubkov, Bashmakov – 3: 3 (3: 3)
2. Łogaczow, Lachbaum, Korowko (w / u), Wizgird

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