La Voz Perú LIVE TODAY August 14, 2021 Elimination concerts live on YouTube via Latina via YouTube

Voice Peru It reaches a new stage of elimination on Saturday 14th August at 8.30pm. By the evening sign Latin You can enjoy every live presentation of the participants, they are trying to convince the public of the audience and achieve their permanence in the competition looking for the best voice in the country.

Between Thursday 12th and Friday 13th August, participants going to the Elimination Gala this Saturday will be limited. Of the four teams, Jair Montano, Jayko Adoch, Tony Valencia and Marcela Navarro were saved. Now, two singers have been sentenced from each coach. Find out who they are:

Live: La Vos Peru: The Third Night of Elimination

Milena Warden is still running

Eva Aylan chose her over Northa Pumarata, who is bidding farewell to the competition.

Mike Bahia surrenders to Milena Warden

Praised the particular style of the Colombian national singer.

This is Milena Warden’s method

The participant explains the theme of “I refuse” with his particular style.

Judges commend Norda Kumaratha

Daniela, Guillermo and other coaches respond positively after Norda’s presentation.

Norda Pumarada takes the stage at La Vos

A member of Eva Aileen’s team begins her presentation to save herself from being expelled.

Tribute to Eva Aylan continues

The coaches and participants of La Vos Perei dedicate some heartfelt words to the Creole singer.

Caesar Manzilla, Jair Mendoza and Aldo Riccio sing for Eva

La Vos’ first participants pay homage to the “teacher” on this special day.

The voice produces a tribute to Peru Eva Aylan

The Creole singer is completing her 51-year art career, and the show pays homage to her.

Guillermo Devila preserves phyto fluorescein

Oriana Montero says goodbye to the show despite being mentioned as one of her favorites.

“I feel like I fulfilled the dream of being here,” he said.

Oriana Montero sings “Desperate.”

Oriana Montero moved the coaches of La Vos Pereira with a description of Jose Jose’s classic “Desceperado”.

“What you do affects a lot of people. Your voice is bigger than any situation,” Mike Bahya said.

Phyto Flores enjoys singing “We are champions”

Phyto Flores moved the coaches of La Vos Perei with the amazing performance of “We are champions”.

“Fitto, you did well, I could not have done it,” said his coach Guillermo Devila.

Daniela Durcourt saves Sebastian Palma

Sebastian Palma will advance in the tournament, however, Grace Morales will be leaving the show. “I say goodbye happily. I want to dedicate my career to my mother,” he said on his farewell show.

Sebastian Palma impresses by singing “Our Power”

Sebastian Palma entertained all Dragon Ball Z fans by singing one of the best songs in animation. His presentation shocked the referee of the show and embarrassed Daniela Durcourt, who had to choose between him and Grace Morales.

“Sebastian, I respect you. Thank you for bothering me,” the sauce boat said.

Grace Morales Rhino “Greatest Love for All”

Awesome presentation! Grace Morales shocked the jury by hosting the “Best Love of All” event.

“You’re an adult,” Daniela Durcourt said.

Mike Bahia picks Nicole Manric and Jesus Zeiss exits the tournament

Mike Bahya faced a difficult situation when he had to pick Nicole Monrick and Jesus Zeus. Finally, the coach picked up Nicole’s voice and she burst into tears.

“Thanks Mike, I’m going to be one hundred percent healed so I don’t miss you next time,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Jesus Zeus elevates the jury by singing “La Rumba”

Mike Bahia’s teammate Jesus Chase was delighted to see the song “La Rumba” and surprised Guillermo Devia and his coach, however, noting that Eva Ailan’s presentation seemed to reflect the style of the Colombian singer.

“I want you to get the best out of me. It seems to me that you can do your songs,” Mike noted.

Nicole Monrick opens the night with “Aguanile” and “Kimbara”

Nicole Monrick started the third Elimination Gala by performing “Aquanile” and “Kimbara”. However, his nerves played a trick on him, and he was overflowing with energy in his presentation.

“There’s a lot to grow, keep going,” Mike Baha told him.

Christian Rivero welcomes the 4 coaches of La Vos and Karen Schwartz introduces the participants facing each other on this Elimination Night.

You can enjoy the night of the concert Voice Peru When tuned in Latin, Channel 2 is on the open signal. You will also have the option to watch the live gala on the internet through the Latina TV website Here.

During this elimination period, the public will have the power to choose who will be saved and move on to the next stage. Voice Peru. To vote for your favorite participant, you need to download the Latina application on your mobile phone and click on the contestant’s photo or name as soon as the show starts.

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