“La Voix” winner: Maude Cyr-Deschênes in a whirlwind for three months

Since his participation in 10e the season the voice and in particular, Since his big win three months agoMaude Cyr-Deschênes was drawn into a “very complete” media and creative whirlwind.

She flipped the coin I agreeIt tells of the almost simultaneous double break-ups in his life, one of love and the other of friendship.

Sunday 7th April

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

France d’Amour hugs her protégé Maude Cir-deschamps after learning of her win at the end of the 10th season of “La Voix” on Sunday, April 7.

“I realized that a friendship breakup is much harder to deal with than a love breakup,” she told Melanie Maynard. Sweet saltWednesday evening.

“So last year, I finally found a way to approach this theme. It was a great opportunity for me to put it to music, to record it in the studio and for everyone to hear it,” the singer-songwriter said on August 9 at the Petite-Vallée song festival.

The young lady is also working on her songs for her next record. “I’m concentrating on an album that I can write one day. I’ve actually composed a lot,” underlined the man who has a session left in jazz music at the University of Montreal. “I’ll finish my bachelor’s!”

His coach the voiceFrance d’Amour was also there Sweet salt.

Photo provided by TVA

France and Maude with Mélanie Maynard, host of “Sucré Salé”.

“It’s much stronger to win for someone else than to win for yourself. Win for someone else, win with someone else. That’s what I keep telling Maude: one person’s success is not the universe’s success. He worked hard and then he performed well, but it’s the whole gang,” said Franz. D’Amore said he’s ramping up his shows this summer on the sidelines of his 14th release.e Opus, 14On March 14.

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