“La Voix” returns this Sunday on TVA: host Charles Lafortune reveals himself

Ahead of the broadcast of the new season of “La Voix”, host Charles LaFortune takes the reins of this great family television event and reveals some of the innovations of this ninth year.

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If he’s a very busy producer right now, Charles LaFortune doesn’t think of leaving his place at “La Voix” animation. “It’s rare to be a part of a great success that lasts so long and becomes a tradition,” he said in an interview. It is priceless. There is something magical about people realizing their potential. I can’t get friends and family to react when the chairs turn. I have this closeness with them and it’s like a “rush” of happiness.

The philosophy of the program also corresponds to its own values. “It’s important to celebrate talent rather than personality or tactics. My singing competition is the best because the coaches don’t see them when they’re auditioning. There’s an ethnic, musical, generational representation, and we’re constantly discovering new and exciting talent.

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If his daily life as a producer is decision-making and decision-making, he becomes a simple presenter on the set of “La Voix”. “I don’t decide anything, but I give my opinion on everything,” he joked. I try to be more mother-in-law, but I offer ideas. For example, I said it never happened that an animator intervened to press a button instead of a coach. But I told you that would never happen! I tried it myself.”

During the tapings of the blind auditions, Charles LaFortune also saw the great complicity that unites the coaches of this new season.

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

“Marc leaves with a head start. He always took good care of his candidates, he was really involved. Cornille, who I thought was very calm, was very active and had good arguments. Mario Belzat joins the popular success, he is really strong. He is also a very emotional coach. Finally, Marjo Definitely more intuitive.It’s easier to approach candidates.

From the first telecast of the blind auditions, this Sunday, viewers will notice many changes.

“A number of visuals are included, such as the lights that accompany the contestants as they take to the stage before their audition, for example, the light system that rotates above the stage before the song begins. The decor is also a little more refined, and the musicians are more present. We will see more of them during blind auditions.

Charles LaFortune’s style of animation is also different, with a solo interview with the candidate at the beginning. “I speak to the family only when we are at the trial. This allows for a different atmosphere to be created. I also have a camera during the audition and I can comment on what happened, give my opinion or come back to the coach’s comments. I would be more complicit with the audience at home. I love it.”

The new season of “La Voix” premieres this Sunday, January 15, at 7pm on TVA.

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