LA Noire creators are working on a psychological thriller [Aktualizacja: oświadczenie studia]

July 8, 2024, 07:15

The creators of LA Noire are working on a spiritual successor to the popular game released in 2011. A bunch of information about it has been revealed by the composer involved in the project. Update: Studio statement.

Image source: Rockstar Games


Update (July 8, 7:15 AM)

Video Games Deluxe has responded to reports of composer Freyja Garbett.The official statement said:

We only work on Rockstar Games projects. We commissioned music from local composer Freyja Garbett for a VR project we’ve been working on for a few years between other projects. It’s based on a case Blackwhich ultimately didn’t make it into the game, being more of a technical demo than anything else. We have no idea if the project will ever see the light of day, but we decided to complete the mission to support a local composer.

Original post (July 7, 8:52 AM)

Part of the team behind the 2011 action-adventure game LA Noire is working on a new project, very similar to the one they produced at the time. At least that’s what Australian composer Freyja Garbett shared online.

The creator posted a video on her Instagram account of her working on the game’s soundtrack. The composer also revealed that the “massive” production is titled sudan house It will be a psychological thriller and will be set in the 1940s..

Creators Black They work on sudan houseGarbett revealed (via In GC).

The creator then wrote that working on the game was new to her, but she was very happy with the opportunity. The composer added that this was her second recording and that it featured a jazz band. It is worth noting that the material is no longer available, so perhaps the composer was too hasty in sharing details of the project.

The title itself refers to the Los Angeles estate of John Sowden, which was owned in the 1940s by George Hodel – the prime suspect in the murder of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. The circumstances of the mysterious murder remain unsolved to this day.

While Garbett didn’t go into detail about the development team, she did mention the original creators behind it. Black It is suggested that sudan house It could be developed by Video Games Deluxe, the studio founded on the ruins of Team Bondi, which closed in 2011, and in 2017 developed LA Noire: The VR Case Files, a special edition of the game for virtual reality headsets.

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