Kyrgios shot the boy in the AO stands.  After a while, he was very well received [WIDEO] Tennis

Nick Kyrgios Known for his eccentric behavior on and off court. It was no different in the process Australian Open. The Greek tennis player commented strongly on the attitude of the fans after one of his matches. – It was incredible! Fabulous! I understand the madness of joy after winning a set but after every pie…..a point? And still only “Siuuu” and “Siuuu”. The fans were a bit like a zoo, they lost control. I can’t believe I kept hearing that “Sooooo”. After all, this craziness lasted more than two and a half hours! It’s hard to believe – he got excited after his win. He celebrated the victory with a sip of cold beer served to him by a fan.

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Iga Świątek wants to mix things up at the Australian Open. Round 4 is the bottom line.

He still barely walks, but he won! The Spaniard in the AO semi-finals after a big match

Kyrgios made her contribution to Game Singles finished in the second round after losing to Daniil Medvedev. Greek There is still competition in the doubles. Together with Thansi Kokkinakis, he defeated a pair of Tim Puetz – Michael Venus 7:5, 3:6, 6:3. After this match, Kyrgios’ behavior will be the most traded again.

Kyrgios hit the boy with the ball. Moments later, he applauded

His partner was about to serve, but he had to try again. ball She was returning with Kyrgios and Kokkinakis. Standing on the net, the Greek decided to vent his feelings and hit the ball with a racket with great force. After a while I realized what had happened. The ball he hit flew towards the stands at high speed and hit the kid fan. The fans in the stands began to devour them, and Kyrgios raised his hand in apology. Then he put his hand to his mouth, and looked at the referee as if he knew whether the referee would map out the consequences of this incident.

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The Greek decided to reward the young fan for the whole event, so he gave him one of his rackets. There was an uproar in the stands and Kyrgios was hit burze Applause for their behavior, although some fans continued to boo their displeasure. Kyrgios then apologized again to the fans and returned to the match.

Iga Świątek in the match against Sorana Cirstea.  Australian Open, Melbourne, January 24, 2022We know the time of the Iga Šwijk match. Big clash in the Australian Open semi-finals

Kyrgios is regularly considered the hero of widely reported scandals in the media. During the Australian Open last year He imitated Novak Djokovic’s “celebration” and laughed at his possible simulation of an injury during a match.. The Serbs considered this a provocation. In the same tournament He had a grudge against the boy because he served the balls and then argued with the referee. Last November, he launched an interview that “Sexual frustration” affected his performance in the early stages of his career.

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