April 1, 2023


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Kulesza refrained from looking for a new coach.  "Sousa is the limiter" of the Polish national team

Kulesza refrained from looking for a new coach. “Sousa is the limiter” of the Polish national team

More and more it shows Paulo Sousa He will stop working as coach of the Polish national team ahead of the March qualifiers for promotion to the World Cup. The Portuguese coach asked the Polish Football Association to terminate the contract by mutual agreement due to the tempting offer from Flamengo. President Cesare Colleza did not agree to Paulo Sousa’s request. The Sousa-PZPN contract in this specific situation fully protects Sousa, but puts the Polish side in a very difficult situation, said Jakub Šorin, a journalist from Sport.pl.

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as shown Cesare Colisa He was not at all surprised by Paulo Sousa’s call. – While reading the reports in the media, I already knew that something was wrong, because our editors may also contact journalists from Portugal or Brazil. In the end, I saw that Souza’s coach started sending me a text, one, and the other that he needed a conversation – the boss said PZPN In conversation with the portal meczyki.pl.

Kulesza: Souza wrote to me on Saturday. I had a feeling he was calling about it

– He wrote to me on Saturday, and we had our first phone call on Sunday. I already had a feeling he was calling out on the subject, so what else? If he had wanted to fulfill his Christmas wishes, he would have done so earlier, and not only on the second day of Christmas, when the holidays are over – added Kulesza.

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In turn, in an interview with TVB Sport Cesare Colizza revealed that Souza has not spoken to the players yet. – I think he’s a serious guy… although maybe not completely. As far as I know, he hasn’t spoken to the players. He just wanted to talk to me. I had already guessed what was going on. However, he didn’t tell me which club he goes with, but it’s one of the best in the world – the president revealed PZPN.

There was already information that one of the possible successors to Paulo Sousa is Adam Nowak, who has already expressed his willingness to talk to PZPN. – Roman, you know me, I would never refuse to act – He told Roman Cotton The former Polish coach who led the team to the quarter-finals euro 2016.

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Colisa: We don’t talk to Adam Nowak

But Kulesa distances himself from all speculation, adding that Sousa is still coach of the Polish national team. – No, we don’t talk to Adam Nowak. I haven’t had any contact with anyone yet, to make it clear. I’m not looking for anyone, I’m going to break the rules I can’t break. When the contract expires, I will be able to talk to the other candidates – confirmed the president of the Polish Football Association, who has not yet thought about who will replace the Portuguese. – I do not know who I want, because so far I have no such thoughts. I have time, Sousa doesn’t have time. Maybe he has to solve this to start working in Brazil. From our point of view, the Polish national team has a little more time than Paulo Sousa – Khan Kulesza.

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Regardless of the decision regarding a possible successor to Paulo Sousa, the task ahead of us will be very difficult. In March, the Polish national team will participate in the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar. Before that, he will not have time to test any of the players during friendlies.