KSW 64. Fight card.  He will face Marius Podzianowski "Bombardier".  MMA

It promises to be another wonderful feast for martial arts lovers. The KSW 64 concert will take place on October 23 at the Atlas Arena in ód. Marius Podzianowski, Robert Rocha and Sebastian Przebiz.

Bodzian will face former Senegalese wrestler Cyrine Othman Diaa. The giant competitor is about 2 meters long and weighs about 150 kg. It is no coincidence that she is called “Bombardier”. Pudzianowski will fight for his 16th MMA victory.

In turn, in the evening’s fight, Sebastian Przepez will take on young Brazilian Bruno Augusto “Gavanuto” dos Santos in the fight for the KSW Championship belt in the bantamweight category. Both players lost two professional jobs.

At KSW 64, we’ll also see a one-on-one fight featuring women, where she will face Carolina Oxars and Siluja Djokevich.

KSW 64: Karta Walk

  • Adam Tomasek (5-0, 2 ku, 3 minor) vs. Omar C (4-0, 2 KO, S Sub)
  • Albert Odzimkovsky (11-5, 3 ku, 7 minor) vs. Jason Radcliffe (16-8, 10 ku, 4 minor)
  • Cesare Cusic (12-1, 9 ku, 2 sub) vs. Marcin Krakowiak (11-3, 5 ko, 6 minor)
  • Philip Begic (15-5-2, 10 ku, 3 minor) vs. Daniel Rutkowski (12-2, 6 ko, 1 minor)
  • Carolina Oxars (4-1, 2 sub) vs. Siluya Juśkiewicz (9-6, 6 ku)
  • Michau Peterzak (10-4, 3 ku, 2 sub) vs. Shamil Musaev (14-0, 8 KO, 2 minor)
  • Robert Rocha (5-0, 3 Sub) vs. Patrick Kasmarkczyk (7-0, 1 KO, w Sub)
  • Marius Podzianowski (15-7, 10 KOs) vs. Cyrine Othman “Bombardier” Dia (2-0, 2 ku)
  • Sebastian Brzebiz (8-2, 4 ku, 1 sub) vs. Bruno Augusto dos Santos (10-2, 1 KO, 5 Sub) – Fight for the bodyweight belt

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