Krzysztof Pi ± tek is one step away from transportation.  The President: We are close to the last details..Football

Krzysztof Petek He loved Italy. It was his first club GenoaThen AC and ACF Fiorentina. In all these clubs he played 80 matches in which he scored 41 goals. In the last match, he played on loan from HERTHY BERLIN. In Germany, he did not work, and everything indicates that he will return to the Italian Serie A.

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He conceded five goals and now he will leave the club. Lech Poznan “fired” the opponents’ goalkeeper.

Salernitana The new club of Krzysztof Piątek? “I was convinced that all you needed was a signature”

For several weeks, Italian journalists have been writing about plans to relocate the owner Salernitans. The name appeared in it polishing attacker. This was confirmed by Danilo Iervolino himself. – Friday is closest to Salernitana. We are working intensively on this to make sure a coach will be available in a few days. I can say that this player is very happy to play in Italy, and now we are in the process of finalizing the last details with Hertha Berlin – he told Tuttomercatówb.

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for him Transfer It could have happened earlier. – We were making progress on it. I was convinced that just signing would suffice. But anything can happen during the window,” Irvolino added.

The owner of Salernitana also said that the most important thing for the club now is to bring the striker. Regardless of whether it will be Friday. “He’s a good player, like some of the others,” Irvolino emphasized. He also sees a sexy one in him TransferThey are demanding fans.

By August 31, Salernitana will have a competitive squad and it’s true what they say: the players who now seem out of their reach could be in a few weeks. He concluded that we are ready.

Kamel Grabara leaves the field after hitting his head during the matchOfficial statement regarding Camille Grabara. Long break from the game

Salernitana finished the previous season Italian Serie A in the seventeenth place in the table. Only one point before Cagliari Calcio saved her from relegation. In the upcoming matches, we will try to keep ourselves at the highest level in Italy again.

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