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Krzysztof Ibisz and Joanna Ibisz at the Bejbis movie premiere. How did they look?

Krzysztof Ibisz and Joanna Ibisz at the movie premiere Babys. What was the shape of the parents of the newborn baby Boris? What styles did they choose? Pictures.

The movie premiered on Wednesday, October 10th Babys. The show was star-studded. Photojournalists focus their attention on themselves Christophe Ibisses and Joanna Ibis. What was the shape of the newborn parents?

Krzysztof Ibisz and Joanna Ibisz at the movie premiere Babys. How did they look?

Christophe Ibisses In September he became a father for the third time. The announcer has two sons from previous relationships. From Anna ZieglerMaximilian. of marriage with Anna NovakVincent. Last year, the Polsat star again decided to get married. This time he got engaged to 27 years younger than him Joanna KudzpalskaFans can link it to the second version of the program top model. Soon they decided to expand the family.

A few months ago, happy newlyweds bragged that they were going to become parents. They uploaded photos to the network, where you can see the already large curves of the future mother. Their son was in the world a little over a month ago. Proud dad a few days after giving birth Brag about the first picture Boris.

September 18, 2022 our son Boris Ibis was born.
We would like to thank our beloved parents for their support in this beautiful period – wrote the presenter.

proud Christophe Ibisses He was already able to brag about the time he spent with his child. Under this post, he has received quite a few compliments for the way he is taking care of his son.

Time With Dad – Sign the video.

The newly baked parents didn’t wait long to leave the house and They already have their first date behind them. They also decided to go to the movie premiere together Babys.

On Wednesday, October 19, she appeared in the cinema. They chose very elegant styles for the premiere. They both wear black. Krzysztof chose an elegant suit, and Joanna chose a short dress with interestingly finished sleeves. She completed the whole thing with a gold sandal. Such a beautifully chosen outfit showcased the long legs of the newly minted mother.

I have to admit they looked great together. Just take a look at our gallery.

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