Krakow - Wisla.  Who will win the derby?  Węgrzyn . surprises

Krakow is safe in ninth place and has sixth place within the range by the end of the season, This means an increase of nearly half a million zlotys in television revenue and marketing rights for Ekstraklasa SA.

The Vistula River found itself on the edge of a precipice Through the terrible selection of coaches and players in the past three years. A potential failure can destroy your chances of living. The more teams scored by Jerzy Brzczek players in the 31st round are in hand. Zagłębie Lubin saved the tie in the match with Lechia, just like Silesia – in the match with Jagiellonia, Stal Mielec caused quite a stir with his victory over Legia.

– In fact, Wisła made mistakes in sports policy, with good players and coaches, but since Jurek Brzęczek took over the team, her game looks good. But there’s always something going your way, no luck, said Interia Węgrzyn.

Jacek Zieliński, the “Belts” trainer – so far – has a patent for the “White Star”. He didn’t lose her even once. As coach of Krakow, he won twice and drew twice. The entire Krakow community depends on winning. Not only to secure control of Krakow, but also to sink a local opponent.

Wisa plays better football than his position in the table might suggest. Her most recent matches with Górnik Zabrze in Wisła Płock or in Silesia show that the team can play football. In the derby it matches place on the table and statistics go aside. What matters is the act of the day, the moment, the character, the “heart” and the support of the audience, which will be our best interest. There are many factors that determine this match, but certainly not the difference in the table – as the “belts” coach says.

Krakow has a very good and experienced coach, Jacek Zielinski. I’m not surprised that she lost to Jornik Chezna. Our league is distinguished by the fact that everyone can win with everyone, teams are not equal in form over a long period of time. Krakow has more self-confidence after the recent victories. It’s dangerous on set pieces and on crosses. Her players are in good physical shape. We will try to minimize these advantages in order to return from the Krakow stadium on points – said Wisła coach, Jerzy Przyczyk.

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It is difficult to say whether the pressures of staying will exacerbate the situation of the “White Star” in the derby. It is positive that she was losing 1-3 to Pock, and yet she managed to equalize. This proves that this team has a heart that not only beats, but even beats, and believes strongly – Kazimierz Fjerzin.

Undoubtedly, I wish you good luck today. Looking at her game, you can’t blame her. Looking at the reaction of the stands, even they can see this improvement, and this was not always the case after defeats – he adds.

Will Wisła’s non-stop players Maciej Sadlok and Konrad Gruszkowski temporarily run for cards, and Lusia Fernandez, who is stopped after attacking his opponent?

Wiswa doesn’t have such great players that one can’t be replaced. The differences in quality are not significant. The only person who can benefit is Elvis Manu – says the former defender of both clubs.

Kazimierz Węgrzyn stresses that from a mental point of view for Wisła, the match is difficult and easy.

Krakow feels comfortable because he is not in danger of being relegated from the league. While The design of the Vistula in the struggle for maintenance is quite formidable, That the players do not feel the pressure of the derby. Falls in the background because of the need to score a full set of points in each game. It doesn’t matter who’s on the other side of the field. The team expects to score itself three points, regardless of whether it plays against Krakow, Lech or Legia – according to expert analysis.

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– I think, paradoxically, that the derby could cripple Krakow even more, despite the fact that it is safe at the table. But it was her fans who put pressure to win and dump Wessau. It is Krakow that could be more solid. Wisła will come to Kałuża with a simple situation: try to score three points – Mr. Kazimierz compares.

However, the Krakow coach has a different approach to this topic.

– We know the derby is important, but we don’t put too much pressure on the team. We don’t want to inflate the balloon. Calm in training, we’re not talking about the derby. Of course, at the briefing there will be time for mental speeches, but in the situation we are in, we will not have to say much before such a match – explains Jacek Zieliński.

Krakow will only miss Jacob Jugas and Filip Ballaj, Who, after injuries, slowly enter the training process. Up to six players will not play in Wiswa: Jakub Błaszczykowski, Alan Orega, Matej Hanusk (injuries), Konrad Groszkowski, Maciej Sadluk (cards), Luis Fernandez (Banned for four matches).

Kazimierz Węgrzyn won the Polish championship in the colors of Wisła, but appeared in the Krakow derby twice, but already defended the colors of Krakow.

– In the fall of 2004, we drew 0-0 at Viswa with coach Kasperczak’s star-studded team, and it was a great success for us. In the rematch, in May 2005, we lost 0-1 at home after a goal from “Frank” Frankowski. I did not remember these matches in any particular way – Kazimierz Fjerzin does not hide.

When I spoke to him in Kałuża after the 2005 “holy war”, we were standing by the megaphone from which the then-presenter shouted: “Buda, kennel, kennel! Chain dog!”. Fans replied: “Here’s the whole Wisła GTS!” Węgrzyn looked at the speaker in astonishment. The announcer was upstairs but was later fired. But this scene illustrates the peculiarity of the Krakow derby. Who better to deal with hot weather?

However, “Pasy” has more players who play in the first lineup. Wouldn’t that fact work in their favour? Foreigners from Wisła may not be aware of the significance of this match, and may not realize what kind of welcome awaits them on the other side of Błonia. Kazimierz Węgrzyn understands it differently.

– For foreigners from Wisla, it may be good that they do not know the peculiarity of the derby, Because the pressure will be less. There are not many Poles in both of them. There is no feeling that this is a match that will divide Krakow. This derby is unique due to the fact that Wisła is in a difficult position. The rivalry for supremacy in Krakow has receded into the background. I assure you that it doesn’t matter if Wissa wins this match, because it’s a derby. “White Star” will try to win because he needs points like oxygen to survive – confirms Węgrzyn.

The Krakow-Huska Krakow meeting will be held on Sunday at 17.30. Broadcast on Canal +, report on

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