Kosiniak-Kamysz posted a photo with Austin.  Plum reacts

Vladislav Kosiniak Kamisz, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of National Defence, participated in the meeting of NATO countries’ defense ministers in Brussels. He posted a picture on the Internet in which he appears speaking – not alone – with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Aleksandar Slyuka, a member of parliament from the Law and Justice Party, decided to respond to this photo on the X platform.

Thank you for the very good conversation with @SecDef and for the confirmation that US Patriot missiles will continue to protect Polish skies. We also touched on topics related to NATO’s eastern flank, as well as support for the fight in Ukraine. We can always count on support

– Written on the X platform Vladislav Kosiniak KamyshPost the aforementioned photo.

Plum reaction

Your Excellency Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysh, I understand that you are satisfied with the quick conversation that took place in the lobby, but will you tell me whether you treat the photo with Secretary Austin, taken before the main session, greeting guests around the table, as bilateral conversations?

— Reaction to the photo of the head of the Ministry of National Defense Andrei Slyuka, Law and Justice Party MP. He attached a photo to the post, showing a photo of Austin with the former head of the Ministry of National Defence, Mariusz Boszczak. Sliwka noted that during the PiS era, meetings between the head of the Ministry of National Defense and the US Secretary of State were periodic.

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