Korean ramen is too hot for Danes.  “It may be toxic”

Denmark has withdrawn some spicy products from sale Ramen noodles South Korean company Samyangclaiming so The level of capsaicin it contains may poison consumers. However, it was not reported whether there were specific incidents that influenced the decision.

Withdrawn Three different types of spicy products: Buldak 3x hot and hot chicken, 2x hot and hot chicken and hot and spicy chicken broth. The Danish Food Agency issued a statement and warning on Tuesday, urging consumers to throw away purchased instant noodles.

Denmark recalls its food products due to the level of capsaicin

The Danish Veterinary Food and Drug Administration has evaluated the level of capsaicin in one package “So high that it poses a risk of acute poisoning to the consumer.”.

“If you are in possession of these products, you should dispose of them or return them to the store where they were purchased,” the statement said. This has also been confirmed Such spicy food can be very dangerous for children.

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It is unclear whether the pasta has ever been recalled in any other country. It appears that no further safety warnings have been issued worldwide, although authorities in Mexico ordered Buldak pasta to be withdrawn from the market in 2021 for misleading customers with its labels – the product did not contain chicken, even though the packaging described the product as “hot”. Chicken flavored ramen.

The Korean product has been withdrawn. The Danish government cares about the health of consumers

A Samyang Foods representative told The Korea Times The company was not previously aware of the ruling The Danish authorities are currently investigating the matter.

The decision sparked heated debate on the Internet. Many spicy food lovers expressed their enjoyment, while some said so Danes have a low tolerance for hot spices.

“I had a friend from Denmark who thought the tasteless baked shrimp with a little ground pepper was too spicy. I’m not surprised they think this ramen is toxic,” one Reddit user noted in a popular comment.

Danes say goodbye to Korean ramen. The reason is capsaicin

Capsaicin It is a chemical compound found in Pepper Chili pepper, causing a burning sensation. After ingestion, it is released into saliva and binds to receptors in the oral cavity.

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In very large quantities, the substance can be dangerous and lead to adverse health effects such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. However, it is not generally considered a poison, and what’s more, it can be found in some Medical products – Like nasal sprays, for example.

Samyang It is a large food production company in South Korea. It gained popularity in the 1960s when it was the first company in Korea to produce instant noodles.

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