"Kora. Posca" at the Proxima Nowy Theatre.  What is the attraction of Ziobro about?

When theater tries to recover from a pandemic crisis, when one of its most important debates returns – on violent assault Finally, when culture is constantly in need of ideas on how to facilitate access to it, the right political side of Poland is fighting to influence what we see. Success is not uncommon. Changes in management positions without competitions They became the norm. Just like the governmental nature of TVP.

Krakow remembers well the attempts to censor art. After shouting “shame” at the performance Jan Klata, which restored the glory of the ancient theater, the National Theater plunged into a meltdown (it was finally overcome). Today, the country’s most important people openly follow the provocations of the right-wing media. The Minister of Education praised the Secretary of Education of Malopolska – When advised not to go out to adapt the poet, he called Dziadi “trash”.. They both did not watch the play after that. Perhaps he is the same initiators of the message against New Proxima. Here is a performance dedicated to the local rock goddess, who passed away in 2018 bark.

Photo: Marcin Oliva Soto/Press Material

Bawi Rupala, Piotr Sciluki, Łukasz Błażejewski and Katarzyna Chlebny in the play “Kora. Boska”, Photo: Teatr Nowy Proxima

On the pages of Polonia Christiana’s website we can read about “blasphemous and provocative art, referring to the subculture of the transvestite drag queen”. Desecration is Papina McQueen’s (Pawe Rupala) portrayal as one of the Mothers of God and a stage play during the Christmas season. The initiative moves from words to deeds. Signatures are being collected to appeal to the President of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, the Minister of Culture, Pyotr Glinsky, and the Minister of Justice, the Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Zubro, who will stop subsidies for the theater “offending Catholic religious sentiments”.

Nowe’s director and one of the show’s cast, Piotr Sieklucki, respond to the accusations. He talks about trying to discredit the theater and mislead the audience. It also comments on the situation in direct contact with the public. – We will not surrender despite the attacks – The crowd gathered at 41 Krakowska Street persuades the crowd to applaud because the media storm, as in the case of the cursed Dziadi, has an advertising effect. In this way, shows for which tickets were hard to come by anyway became an extremely rare commodity for the following months.

Of course, the people making the accusations are not about culture and art, but about political manipulation of the populist struggle against so-called opinions. It is they who have tried to distract the voters for years when the crisis in the country – financial, epidemic and now immigrant – intensified. A bill suddenly returns to the House of Representatives Lex TVN Right-wing circles give a clear signal that President Kaczyński needs an ideological weapon. So here’s the material for the next footage – “Insulting” the Mother of God!

Photo: Marcin Oliva Soto/Press Material

Katarzyna Chelbini in the play “Kora Puska” Photo: Theater Novi Proxima

Although the objective discussion of performance in this atmosphere becomes very difficult, it is worth specifying what “Kora. Boska” is trying to tell us. The idea of ​​displaying the artist’s story is great. This is a musical legend who brings the Madonna together, after her death she meets the Three Marys at the junction of human and divine truth. He discusses with: first the worshiper, then the drowned, the Polish Mother of God Czestochowa (Sekloki), the liberated Mother of God of Guadalupe (Łukasz Błażejewski) and the naive Fatima (Rupala). Her traumas unfold: the stay in the orphanage, and the longing for her mother’s love.

All of this is punctuated by hits performed by Katarzyna Chelbini, who carefully imitates Cora (here, actress, director and screenwriter). Manamo. The figures of the Mothers of God are a vague metaphor – mothers and women burdened with religious fantasies; Instructed by the Church’s account of gays + people; A system that Jackowska never really fit in. Poor performance due to random dramaturgy and too much confidence in the party comedy format. But that is not what the appeal is about. Its authors and authors do not have to force themselves to analyze when they have at their disposal the so easily referred to “offensive to religious sentiment” recipe.

For 15 years of operation, the Nowy Proxima Theater has made its dominant courage, social nerves and creative madness, which has not turned into just an empty slogan. Hence the distinct and subversive “Lubiewo” was created. As Patricia and Lucretia sigh at the past Lugo, I wonder how far the level of public debate can dip. For heaven’s sake!

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