Konami delayed renewing its rights to the official Silent Hill realm.  The publisher was beaten up by a fan with a sense of humor

Unfortunately, Konami forgot the Silent Hill brand. It so happened that the Japanese publisher did not renew the domain rights of the entire brand’s official website.

Everything indicates that Konami does not care about Silent Hill anymore (the brand works in Konami’s mind only in the form of “cosmetics” additives presented in online products, more recently, for example, in Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals). The publisher recently ignored the fact that his rights to the site have run out Silenthill.com. However, the vigilant person who bought the rights to this domain did not lose sight of the topic.

The man who decided to buy a domain abandoned by Konami shows a sense of humor. On silenthill.com You can now find a quote from Masahiro Ito’s Twitter post: “I’d rather never design the damn pyramiddehyde.” This is the real uncontrolled text that Ito posted on his Twitter account on February 20, 2022.

Masahiro Ito has created character/monster designs for Silent Hill 2. However, the developer was disappointed with his iconic creature appearing in several products, lowering his ability to terrify. “Using Pyramidhead in so many different titles makes the character look small,” Masahiro Ito said on Twitter.

If you are waiting for a horror movie that may be related to the first two parts of Silent Hill, then it is worth focusing on the news about Slitterhead. Silent Hill’s first lead author is working on the project.

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