Komasa is working on a new movie… about LGBT.  “I like my films to spark discussions”

Jan Komasa spoke about his new film during a panel discussion at Campus Polska Przyszość, which takes place in Olsztyn. When asked by one of the participants if he thought the time for a movie about gay love would come in Polish cinema, Komasa replied that he was working on such a movie.

When asked about the details of the project he was working on, Jan Comasa said that the film would be titled “Sunlight”, and tests are currently underway. The director said that people aged 19, 20 and 21 will play the main roles again because they “cannot get away from young people”. “But they will be surrounded by more familiar names,” he said.

The film is scheduled to be produced in July and August next year.

Jan Komasa said the script for “Sun Glare” was “surprising and extraordinary” before him.

“I wrote it about 10 years ago, but I wore it for a long time, I wondered if I would or not, it developed in me for a long time. Five years ago, this text changed into what it is now. About love.”

– said the manager. He did not want to reveal the plot, He said it would be about “a little bit of sports and gay and transgender people”.

When asked if he’s not afraid of accusations that he’s making a movie because of the currently popular topic, Komasa said he views his work somewhat like a reporter – he’s talking about what’s currently important and popular.

“I always make films out of need, i.e. out of demand. I have a feeling that there is demand and you have to talk about it. As a director, I like to talk about things that people care about. I have friends and colleagues who make films no matter what happens, and it’s also a kind of cinema. There. Different ways. I did + Hejtera + because I felt like something was changing, I did + Corpus Christi + for the same reason”

Comasa said.

During the meeting with the participants on campus and during an interview with PAP, Jan Komasa said that he likes that his films cause discussions, even disagreements, between viewers. As evidence of this, he cited a story that happened during the Toronto Film Festival, when a woman approached the directors after the screening of “Corpus Christi.” “You thanked us that at this left-wing festival we beautifully showed Christianity and Catholicism and what they are. In a moment you came to us and thanked us for finally showing the hypocrisy of the Church. It was wonderful! For me, films should not be transparent, they should stimulate discussion, if viewers quarrel about The film, I am satisfied, ”- said the director.

During a conversation with the campus participants, Kumasa admitted that he deliberately avoided certain topics and topics because they seemed too local or complex to him. “I say that + I have a Japanese in my head +. It means I always wonder if my film, for example based in Tokyo, would understand that,” Komasa said.

In an interview with PAP, Komasa admitted that he had more projects planned after “The Sun of Brilliance”.

“During the pandemic, I was just reading and writing. Now I have most of the projects in my life.”

– I acknowledge.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl,

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