"Knead, O nations. Crime."  Modrica's help hit the world [WIDEO] baek nothing

After the first match in London in it fact He was victorious 3:1 after Karim Benzema’s hat-trick, it looks like the tie is already over. Chelsea coach himself Thomas Tuchel He didn’t quite believe, but during the match in Spain everything indicated that the newcomers would win, because they were already 3-0 ahead at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Long live football! Modric’s assistant of the year. What a match”

.’s final goal Chelsea She fell in the 75th minute. Five minutes later, Luka Modric showed a great pass with the outside of his foot, a Rodrigo Turned it into a target for Real.

Captain Dynamo: We were shocked to receive the Poles. Our flags are everywhere

joy Modric Journalists and fans from all over the world are not hiding. “Maestro Modric. Help the nations to kneel” – wrote on Twitter Andrzej Twarowski, commentator on the channel “Canal +”. “Modric I Benzema Players on aggregate, “- added the journalist.” I ride the bike, Modric to Rodrigo, 3-1! What a pass! What a snapshot of the first” – notes Michai Paul of “Kanał Sportowy”.

“After all, Luka Modric with this zoenia, he can decorate cakes” – said Davut Šimcak, journalist at Sport.pl. “I switched to Real for a moment, watched the Modricia app and I know I won’t see anything better today. Genius,” said Eric McZouga of Amici Sportive. Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano emphasized: “The aid of Luca Modricia should be displayed in the museum. This is not football – it is art.”

“Long live football! Modric’s assistant of the year. What a Game! – wrote on Twitter Cesc Fabregas Soller, central midfield for Monaco. “Such a request for Luca Modricio should be a crime,” said Dutch midfielder Nigel de Jong.

The Spanish “Sport”, confirming that Modricia’s help was crucial in the match, and quoted the Chelsea midfielder, who considers the Croatian an idol. “It’s hard to stop him because he’s a great player. I like him because when I was a kid he played for my favorite team, Dinamo Zagreb. Now that we’re friends, I like him even more.”

Rodrygo’s aforementioned goal after Lucas Modricio’s cross gave Krulevsky extra time, and the decisive blow was reliable. Karim Benzema. Real lost 2:3, but won 5:4 on aggregate and will play in the semi-finals Champions League.

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