KLM airlines are changing their communications.  Some passengers will travel by train instead of by plane

As usual in the beginning holidays Airports It is crowded, because air travel in summer is very popular. This year, lNot flying They are facing a crisis – they are understaffed after the pandemic and strikes by workers who want higher than them profits after being reduced during closures. All this leads to a mass cancellation and paralysis of the sky above Europe. Therefore, it seems to be a good solution to relieve the airports thanks to the railways.

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KLM airlines offer an extraordinary solution

“We have partnered with Thalys to offer train tickets + airline tickets Passengers Change at Schiphol Airport. This enables us to deal with one airline Less per day between Brussels and Amsterdam. Thanks to this, trains have become a logical complement to air travel ”- they reported on Monday KLM Airlines.

The new offer is to enable travelers not so much to choose the train on board, but to travel “Train plus” airplane‘, which will be fully integrated. In practice, this means that KLM will purchase seats on Thalys Express trains from BrusselsAmsterdam (return) and some KLM transit passengers will change from one plane to another on this route. The train connection between these cities takes about 1.5 hours. The solution will be tested until October 29, 2022.

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A train instead of a plane?

Thanks to KLM’s collaboration with Thalys, passengers will be able to check-in throughout their journey through KLM. Thus, the boarding pass is valid for both train and flight travel.

The idea of ​​developing air and rail transport services stems from KLM’s implementation of the government’s action plan Dutch. International rail travel is expected to become a logical alternative to complementing airline services on routes shorter than 700 kilometers. KLM serves its long-time travelers Train Thales as an alternative to the aircraft and vice versa. According to the data of the official website before the epidemic, 25%. Passengers chose this option.

“The new aviation and rail product is the first tangible result of the rail and air services route map. We are proud of this achievement. Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, ProRail and NS Dutch Railways, we aim to ensure hassle-free travel For customers with better connections between rail travel and air travel, explains Boet Kreiken, KLM Executive Vice President Customer Experience, cUsed in the official announcement.

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