King’s Bounty 2 Comments – Tactical but hard
August 23, 2021, 21:17

King’s Bounty II got the first reviews. Journalists appreciated the tactical dimension of the production, but there was also some criticism.

First King’s Reward It was a precursor to the genre that made him famous then Heroes of Might and Magic. After years King’s Bounty: Legend And its continuity They have become good alternatives to the cycle Home. Will the new game, which we will see seven years after the appearance of the last installment of the series, prove to be fun for fans of turn-based strategies? The first reviews answer this question King?? s Bounty II.

the king ?? s bounty two?? Selected Reviews

  1. Player Heroes?? 90/100
  2. Dual Shockers?? 8.5 / 10
  3. God obsessed?? 8/10
  4. COG Connected?? 71/100
  5. Computer Invasion?? 6,5 / 10
  6. push the box 5/10
  7. Xbox Era?? 5/10
  8. cultured eagles?? 4/10

So far, few critics have evaluated King?? s Bounty II, but after these observations it can be said that we did not receive any masterpieces, but at best a good production. The game’s biggest attraction is the combat system, which is surprisingly deep in larger skirmishes thanks to its rich inventory of units, spells, and abilities, and a variety of battlefields. However, even here there are some limitations, for example, the equipment of the heroes has little effect on the gameplay. Same for the graphics, rather nice, but when you zoom in, you’ll notice that it’s not the best textures and many visual kids, and the site designs, though full of detail, are ?? In the opinion of some reviewers?? A little too cute. Some also mention the general lack of polishing, which is seen for example in the hero development system.

However, the most common glitch noted by reviewers is not clash system problems, but a few. King?? s Bounty II It has a world that, more often than not, turns out to be too vast for what it has to offer. As a result, we spend a lot of time traversing the huge map, talking to NPCs and doing activities that aren’t often very exciting. At least according to some critics, because there are also those who like the various missions that the game offers. However, it certainly expands the game, which is a problem with that King?? s Bounty II It takes into account the permanent personnel death system, and any loss might force us to seek new recruits for the hero’s army, before we can continue learning about history.

At the moment, there are very few opinions that can not be evaluated unequivocally King?? s Bounty II. However, it should be assumed that we received the production at least correctly, albeit not free from some defects (which may be removed in the future). Doubts should be resolved with the premiere, which takes place tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S as part of backward compatibility. In the case of PC, we recommend that you check beforehand Game hardware requirements.

  1. King’s site?? s Bounty II Official
  2. I played King’s Bounty 2 for 4 hours and it’s better than I thought

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