Kinga Duda.  Where does the daughter of President Andrei Duda work?

  • Kinga Duda is the only daughter of Andrei Duda and Agata Kornhauser Duda
  • A graduate of Jagiellonian University, her achievements also include studies in the USA and internships in renowned law firms.
  • The president’s daughter cares about her privacy and does not speak in public, but she was made an exception during the protests over tightening abortion laws.
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Kinga Duda recently became famous thanks to her speech at a webinar organized by the international law firm The Legal 500. The president’s daughter was one of the speakers at the debate on mediation and litigation related to the development of new technologies. Duda is currently a trainee lawyer.

Kenja Doda – Graduate of Jagiellonian University

The president’s daughter graduated from one of the most prestigious schools in Krakow – Junior High School No. Adam Mickiewicz and their first high school. NS. Nowodworks. Then she studied at the Jagiellonian University, where her father had lectured many years earlier. In 2019, the university boasted that the team was in it King Doda She participated in a legal competition in Madrid, and was awarded the “Best Responder Award” and “Third Best Team Award”. The competition relates to international economic arbitration. After several months Andre Duda He announced on social media that his daughter has a law degree.

The president’s daughter also studied abroad – at the Columbus College of Law of the Catholic University of America in the United States. At Clifford Chance and at Kubas Kos Gałkowski in Warsaw.

In November 2019, she became a junior lawyer at a famous law firm in Warsaw, which she announced on her LinkedIn profile. In early 2020, she moved to London and started a three-month internship at an international law firm in London, where her internship was extended. cooperation For a few more months.

Kinga Duda Social Adviser to President Andrzej Duda

In August, information appeared that Kinga Doda became the president’s social advisor. This information sparked outrage, and there were allegations of nepotism. Eventually, after a few months, she resigned from her position and returned to the office where she had previously worked. As can be seen from the description on the website of the current employer, it deals with, among other things, arbitration and court proceedings in the field of civil law and procedures resulting from the implementation of technological projects.

Kinga Doda makes sure that information about her does not reach the media. I made an exception once – during protests against tightening abortion laws. Via Twitter, she posted a statement. The president’s daughter wrote in the letter that she might not have decided to have her sick fetus removed herself, but that every woman had free will, and the settlement, which had been in place for 27 years, was fine.

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