Kherso.  The Russians have a problem.  I can't harvest the grain because they stole the combines before|  News from the world

The Russians took control of Kherson in March. After entering the forces Ramzan KadyrovThe looting of property began on a large scale. This is due to the fact that the occupiers stole almost all the harvesters from the farmers and took them to them ChechnyaNow they have a problem with more Ukrainian grain theft.

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Kherson. The Russians are ‘so stupid they didn’t even think about it’

Igor Dmitriev, a former member of the city council, said on Telegram OdessaAnd now a Russian collaborator. Freelance journalist Denys Kazanskij commented on his entry on social media.

Igor Dmitriev wrote that the occupiers in the Kherson region could not even harvest grain. Oleg Tsarev confirmed this information. This is amazing. Russians They took part of the territory of Ukraine, but could not even organize the looting. They might have stolen the grain first and then the reapers, but they were so stupid that they didn’t even think about it. “They still call themselves a superpower,” he wrote on Facebook on Monday, July 11.

“In the occupied territories of the Kharkiv region, hell is happening. No light, no water, no gas. The economy is destroyed, nothing works, people are literally starving” – the journalist added.

Putin signed the law to support the army. and more than a hundred others

Ukraine is the “breadbasket of the world”. Grain exports will be resumed?

Volodymyr Zelensky reported on July 4 that 22 million tons of grain were stuck in Ukraine as a result of the Russian blockade of ships. Russian soldiers steal crops and try to sell them to the inhabitants of the occupied country. However, their prices are shockingly high.

in Istanbul On July 13, a meeting of military delegations from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and representatives of the United Nations took place. An agreement on resuming Ukraine’s grain exports could be signed as early as next week. Turkey’s National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said an “important step” had been taken towards resolving the crisis.

“As a result of the meeting, which was held in a positive and constructive atmosphere, basic technical issues were agreed upon, such as the establishment of a coordination center in Istanbul with representatives of all parties, joint inspections at exit and entry points, and ensuring the safety of navigation on the transit routes “- we read in a statement Issued by the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

We remind you of that Ukraine It is located in a favorable climate for agricultural production. More than half of the land is covered with very fertile soil, which is why the country is called “the granary shed“It is one of the main exporters of grain.

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