KGHM will have small nuclear reactors.  Expert: A drop in the sea of ​​needs

The contract was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin with the US company NuScale Power during his visit to the USA. It is about developing and building many small nuclear reactors. How much exactly? According to the information provided by KGHM and PAP, these are four or six modules expandable up to 12. Each has a capacity of 77 MW.

Investing is one way to decarbonize the Polish energy industry. Small nuclear reactors in SMR technology must be built primarily with the needs of the KGHM in mind. The Department of State Assets notes, however, that there will also be an option to use them for commercial purposes.

The signing of the contract is good news, as Adam Ragowski from the Institute of Thermal Technology at Warsaw University of Technology evaluated it in an interview with – This indicates that nuclear power is becoming an attractive option for decarbonization of national economies and energy-intensive entities such as KGHM. – says the expert.

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Just worry? Whether the deadline will be met

At the same time, the specialist from Warsaw University of Technology adds that this is only the first step on a long road towards decarbonizing the domestic energy sector.

This may be a significant investment in the energy balance of the KGHM itself, but for the economy, it is just a drop in the ocean of needs. We are talking about an installation with a total capacity of 300 MW, and in Poland the average load on the power system is about 20 thousand. MW. If we want to carry out large-scale decarbonization of the national economy with the help of nuclear power, we will need something much larger – says Adam Ragosky.

When asked about the social concerns related to the construction of nuclear reactors in Poland, the expert answered:- There is no reason to worry about nuclear power. We are talking about new technological solutions. In terms of design, the reactors have been improved and are much safer than those that have been successfully operating around the world for many years.

It adds The only concern that exists is whether the investment will be completed on time. The plan is the first to be operational in 7 years. The weather clock is ticking. The construction of the so-called according to Jacek Sasin, is scheduled to begin in Poland in the middle of the next decade (thirties of the twentieth century).

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