Kevin Owens: It all started on a VHS tape

Denis Levesque is back on the small screen with a series tracing the history of LCN, the ongoing news channel celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023.

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This week, the host looks back at the amazing journey of WWE wrestler, Quebecer Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens was drawn to wrestling at the age of 11. It all started with a VHS tape rented from the Maryville video club where he lived.

“I was captivated from the beginning and I knew what I wanted to do in life,” Owens says in an interview with Denise Levesque.

Instead of curbing his passion, his parents encouraged him enough to dive into his new passion and found him a wrestling school.

Classes began in a large Saint-Césaire.

“We wrestled in the barn a few times a week, and at one point the barn collapsed and the school was closed,” the wrestler recalled with a laugh.

At the age of 14, he entered Jack Ruzio’s wrestling school at Pro-Gym, where he learned all the fundamentals of the trade that would guide him through his 22-year career.

Apart from going to school and working, he also fights here and there, especially in America. In these evenings, very little pay would allow him to be seen and known.

“I made enough noise and eventually it was a guy named Triple H [dans la WWE] Hearing about me gave me a chance to break through,” Owens recalled.

This is where his career finally took off.

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