Kevin is home alone.  He prepares for a "family" reunion for the McAllister family.  Kevin will be alone again?

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Over 30 years ago, we had the chance to see it for the first time “Home Alone”. The world fell in love with the teenage boy and his small-minded family. Comedy is one of the most popular Christmas movies and not many people can imagine this magical period without Kevin McAllister.

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“Home Sweet Home Alone” – Trailer. Another kid on Christmas like “Home Alone”

Anna Bardovska showed the bedroom. Elegant bed in the style of Rozenek

Fans have the opportunity to spend the holidays at Kevin’s movie house. Who will welcome them?

The entire “Home Alone” series has enjoyed unparalleled popularity for three decades. One of the popular portals decided to rent the house in which they were photographed to the fans Movies. That way, during the festive season, they’ll be able to feel like champions hitting the world, and add a brick to doing good. The money from the rental auction will be donated to the hospital cashier childish.

“Home Alone” fans will be greeted by Devin Ratray – Kevin Buzz’s brother. The actor is heavily involved in cooperation on a charitable project. Additionally, in an interview with People magazine, he revealed the planning of a “family” conference. Divide Film industry.

Home Alone Team will organize a meeting after many years

The meeting was initially scheduled online. Devin Rattray, 44, joined the conversation relatively recently. He is currently trying to keep up with the dynamic discussion. Everything indicates that the representatives wish to meet on their own and voluntarily. Cinematic Buzz is curious as to what will happen.

They planned it online, and recently, just a few days ago, I turned on this topic in a messenger chat. Now I’m trying to keep up with the discussion. They want to meet on their own, on their own, and who knows what will happen – Buzz Cinema reveals the details of the film’s meeting.

We Know Who Won’t Attend the ‘Kevin Home Alone’ Meeting

At the moment, it is known that the main actor will not participate in the meeting – the movie Kevin, who played him Macaulay Culkin. It will also be missing Kirana Kulkina (Younger brother Fuller) and Catherine O’Hara (we have a son, Kate). Sam Retray, who plays in the Christmas remake of the hit movie – “Home Sweet Home Alone”, is happy that he can become part of the movie family.

Kevin is home alone. There is a setback in the movie. It’s hard to see them!

Buzz Can’t Imagine Life Without ‘Home Alone’

Devin Rattray was 13 years old when he started his adventure with “Kevin Alone at Home”. In an interview with People, he admitted that the movie was a real success and that it influenced many generations. Parents present it to their children, and they, in turn, present it to their grandchildren. The actor cannot imagine his life if he had not been cast as Buzz.

This movie became iconic and had an impact on families for more than a generation. Parents show their children, and children show their grandchildren something that I was a part of,” admitted Devin Rattray in an interview with People.

Can you imagine Christmas without “Kevin Home Alone”?

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