Katowice.  They will erect a monument in the amount of 8.3 million PLN.  Most of them are funded by the Anti-Covid Shield

Monument to the victims of the Upper Silesian tragedy commemorating about 45 thousand. Residents of Upper Silesia, who were deported in 1945 for forced labor in the Soviet Union. National Memorial Institute Estimated to be 30 percent. These people did not survive, and those who survived returned home in 1949.

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Katowice. Bus driver arrested for running over a 19-year-old girl

Katowice will finance the memorial from Covid funds. Cost: approximately PLN 8.5 million

Talks on the creation of a monument to the memory of the victims of the Upper Silesian tragedy have been going on since 2017. According to the Katowice24.info portal, the cost was 1.2 million PLN at that time, and the project was to be completed a year later. However, the cost of the monument rose significantly, which was a surprise to the Katowice authorities.

– And indeed there is a question of detailing with the authors of the monument, the so-called modeling in the field, that is, the transformation so that the minimum number of steps possible should be done when rebuilding the underground infrastructure. There is a high voltage line passing through the ground. So we have to work in this way, to maneuver so that there is as little change as possible – he told the gate Katowice 24.info In October 2019 President Katowice Marcin Krupa.

On April 1, 2021, another tender was announced, then the value of the monument was estimated at a total of 7.5 million PLN. Four offers were received, but only one was within the set offer the future. Although the tender was completed, one company contested the outcome, claiming that the competing company offered an unusually low price. – The case was problematic, as is usually the case in appeals. We’ve got the bidder’s confirmation that he can complete the entire job, despite these two cheap items – explained Adam Kuczynski, Head of Investments at City Hall. Katowice.

Krakow. Piłsudski’s monument was destroyed. The police are looking for the culprits

The issue of the tax treatment of business was also mentioned. It was said that it was necessary to separate the value-added tax in green spaces from the work of cubism. – KIO agreed to this argument, which was different from our Bidding Committee, and ordered us to repeat the evaluation of the bids – informed Kuczynski. But in the end, it was decided to cancel the tender, since the construction of the investment, according to the authorities of Katowice, was too expensive.

Katowice announced another tender for the construction of a monument to the victims of the Upper Silesian tragedy. Offers can be submitted until November 16th

Katowice On October 28, they announced a new tender. Bids can be submitted until November 16. The Contractor’s job will include removal of trees and shrubs, earthworks, construction and masonry work. Moreover, the contractor will have to develop the area, plant new plants and take care of the lawn, as well as take care of new road surfaces.

Read more updated information from the country in Home page of Gazeta.pl.

Although it was initially expected that because of pandemie Corona Virus , work It will not be possible to start investing until 2023, the funds from the anti-fed shield received by the Katowice authorities have accelerated the investment. According to the Katowice 24.info portal, the city directly received 51.81 million PLN, of which 7.2 million PLN was allocated for construction. Set up. The construction of the monument will cost a total of 8.36 million PLN.

Not without controversy. Not only members of the opposition council, but also city residents are against such use of aid shield funds. But the head of Katowice did not change his mind. – Perhaps it would be good if the whole of Poland would talk about it, because perhaps someone would finally refer to history and find out what the tragedy of Upper Silesia was – he said.

protest The whole square in Krakow, then the crowd in front of Korea. Protest after the death of 30-year-old Eza

The construction of the memorial to the victims of the Upper Silesian tragedy is an idea of ​​the Katowice branch of the Institute of National Remembrance. According to the regional portal, the idea was also supported by Archbishop Wiktor Skworc.

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